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Face Off: Lasers
January, 2015
Operating a successful practice is dependent upon making the right decisions, but it can be a challenge to make the best decisions without adequate information.

Learn How to Keep Your Practice From Hurting You (Part 2)
January, 2015
Before I enrolled in chiropractic school, I wondered if I was physically capable of being effective at manually adjusting patients in a diversified practice.

Stick Strategies: Enchant Your Patients So They Stick Like Glue
January, 2015
I am guilty! Absolutely guilty! And I'm sure you are too. For the majority of my chiropractic career, I have been guilty of completely ignoring the No. 1 most influential resource my business had.

The Evolution of Probiotics
January, 2015
In clinical practice, we see patients with complaints that cross the entire spectrum of health. One of the most common concerns that presents is associated with digestive or gastrointestinal (GI) health.

Addressing the Modern-Day Need for Orthotic Support
January, 2015
In the past quarter-century, I have answered a variety of questions from patients and health care professionals regarding individually designed stabilizing orthotics.

Expand Your Practice With Chiropractic-Led Corporate Wellness
January, 2015
Employers are concerned about rising health care costs and looming federal mandates that penalize companies for unhealthy workers. But corporate executives are unsure how to tie corporate wellness programs to business performance.

Time to Make a House Call?
January, 2015
Chiropractors come out of school with high hopes and big expectations, but the trends are pointing toward dissatisfaction. With lower reimbursement rates and crushing overhead, many doctors don't make as much money as they had planned.

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