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Dealing With Deposits: Steps to Ensure You Get Your Money Back
September, 2015
Providing your landlord with a deposit is standard procedure; however, getting your deposit back may become a different matter entirely! Keep in mind this is your money, and it's not to be sacrificed lightly.

Control Overhead to Increase Profitability and Practice Value
September, 2015
Keeping your operational / overhead costs as low as possible is a key factor in increasing net income and the ultimate value of your practice.

Face Off: Therapeutic Tape
August, 2015
Face Off offers you the opportunity to learn more about products / services you may be considering for your practice side-by-side so you can make an informed purchasing decision. This month's product category is therapeutic tape.

Generate Maximum Marketing Impact With SlideShare
August, 2015
Technological advancements and increased competition have led content marketers to employ new and innovative ways to present their content. Readers are spoiled for choice and it now takes considerably more creative effort to gain their attention online.

Appeal to the 85 Percent With Targeted High-Speed Vibration Therapy
August, 2015
Recent estimates suggest only 15 percent of the population has experienced chiropractic care. Who are the 85 percent who haven't?

Build Patient Trust by Practicing With Authenticity
August, 2015
To extrapolate from the above quote, patients love health care providers they can trust. One way to earn the trust of your patients is by practicing with authenticity. What does that mean, exactly?

Create a Cutting-Edge Practice: Build a Concussion Rehab Clinic
August, 2015
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients need help to return to normal activities, and chiropractors are capable of providing the services necessary to treat them effectively.

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