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Galvanic positive or negative DC current allows the user to infuse the skin with special ionized serums by a method called "iontophoresis." This well-documented procedure allows for deep hydration of the skin, as well as increased circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Microcurrent increases cellular metabolism to enhance healing and hydration of the skin, which can produce a latent tissue repair that is cumulative.

The mechanism that lies at the core of this process is an increase of ATP production caused by a chemical reaction stimulated by the microcurrent at a cellular level.

In the right current range, a three- to five-fold increase was seen in clinical studies. ATP is referred to as the "energy of life."

A massive production and cumulative stockpiling of ATP over multiple treatments has profound effects on the skin and muscles of the face. Stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and increasing cellular metabolism of proteins, like elastin in the mitochondria, leads to a plumping effect of the skin and an increase in elasticity and texture, as well. Furthermore, muscles are provided with the energy and nutrients needed to maintain tonus in the desired "re-educated" location.

Research has shown that ATP reserves and collagen and elastin formation are increased in a way that accelerates wound healing. What's more, scar tissue can be softened with increased collagen and elastin. For patients, microcurrent decreases inflammation, hastens the healing process after injury or surgery, and reduces pain.


Michael A. Fiorillo, MD, FACS, a double-board certified plastic surgeon, uses microcurrent to give patients the most natural post-operative appearance possible.

He states, "As one of the best next-generation, non-invasive procedures available, the treatment pairs well with injectable and topical regimens, enabling more efficient penetration of medical serums, resolves pre- and post-surgery edema and swelling and improves healing times."

Deborah Winter, president of Deborah Winter Skin Care, recommends microcurrent treatment for anyone who is not ready for a facelift, has undergone a face lift but doesn't want to go through it again or who is looking for the next-generation, noninvasive procedure.

She says, "Microcurrent can achieve exceptional results that far exceed other procedures by allowing the user to remodel the tissue, make textural changes to the epidermal, and achieve skin-tightening."

Myotonologist/esthetician Sharon Friend uses microcurrent treatment on facial muscles after extended Botox treatments have left the skin atrophied, swollen and sagging.

She said, "My clients, who are highly knowledgeable about anti-aging treatments, love this rejuvenation treatment because it is a truly effective and natural option. With its rapid return-on-investment, skin care professionals can build a successful practice that focuses on this treatment alone."


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Elizabeth Logan, Founder and CEO of Myo Technologies, Inc., is an internationally recognized leader in the skin care and spa industries. She created the first spa catalogue company, Universal Spa Catalog, served as an international product consultant and oversaw the training and opening of the first corporate spa for the Ritz Carlton. She has hosted numerous television programs and infomercials, and has provided consulting for several skin care companies and spas.

Geoffrey Ring, RN, is the Corporate Training Director for Myo Technologies, Inc., and has extensive experience in the health care industry and a background in molecular biology and biochemistry. He is a practiced microcurrent therapy trainer and technician in both the health and cosmetic realms.

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