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Patients benefit greatly from smartphone communication technology, whether focused on general patient education, sEMG findings, specific condition information, x-ray findings or health and wellness topics. These tools reinforce the "why" of seeking chiropractic care and put this information in the hands of your practice advocates so they can easily share the information with others.

In this highly competitive healthcare market, fostering patient-centered care is in the consciousness of most every healthcare leader. Chiropractors, as well as other healthcare providers, no longer enjoy the luxury of building relationships and trust over time. There is one chance, one opportunity, to make a connection that inspires confidence on behalf of the patient.

Causal Motivation

Your business viability and lifestyle sustainability depends on your ability to deliver evidence-based care in the current patient-centered healthcare paradigm. More importantly, don't jeopardize missing out on prospective new patients because you are not meeting their expectations of objectivity and state-of-the-art technology.

This latest innovation in Surface EMG technology provides a platform for causal motivation. Causal motivation occurs when an environment is created that causes people to WANT to work and be the best they can be. People will work their hardest for something or someone they believe in. Unlike the pamphlets espousing general benefits of chiropractic care, the Surface EMG graphic impacts the patient because it is personal, showing "what's in it for them," a crucial element for causal motivation.

Technology can help to bridge the communication gap and improve adherence to treatment. Mobile devices present a tremendous opportunity to provide patients with even greater access to the powerful tools that support our current dynamic in healthcare delivery.3 The smartphone is undoubtedly becoming an essential collaborator for practicing anytime, any place health management.

Those chiropractors that overcome their fear of technology will prosper in this new fast-paced, social media oriented culture that values evidence over anecdote, data over opinion. To connect with the modern patient means embracing that which they value most: Technology. Embrace it as a profession, and we win the respect of this new techno-savvy population. The result is a new breed of patient that not only value what you do, but is motivated to promote your practice via their smartphones.


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Dr. Nancy Miggins has more than 25 year's clinical experience as a chiropractor. She excelled in the areas of procedures, ethical business practices and management. After spearheading the development of a integrative health and fitness center, she spent 6 years as director of this clinic. Although her main focus was in family practice, she also has aided Olympic Athletes and professional cyclists with optimizing sports performance through chiropractic. She is currently the Director of Clinical Applications & Product Development for Precision Biometrics, Inc.

David Marcarian, MA, is the founder of Precision Biometrics and inventor of the revolutionary MyoVision 3G Wirefree PhysioMonitoring™ System. A former NASA researcher, Marcarian was awarded a $450,000.00 NIH grant to develop the MyoVision. As an expert witness, Marcarian was credited one of the largest PI awards in US history, and established the validity of sEMG in a major State Superior Court Decision. Recently the AMA selected his 3G Wirefree System as the "tool of choice" as presented in the medical text "The Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment."

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