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Natural Response

Cellular inflammation is simply the body doing what it is supposed to do under the circumstances of environmental toxins, intestinal inflammatory reactions and lack of dietary redox-regulating foods (raw fruit and vegetables).

The mitochondria have lipid bi-layer membranes, too. Their innately intelligent membranes manage nutrients for the citric acid cycle (makes ATP), as well as beta oxidation that makes ATP from membrane molecules. The mitochondrial membranes are where free-radical inflammatory processes can impede the body's energy resulting in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The thyroid will lower the body's metabolic rate (ATP production) to protect the cells from accelerated destruction. Thus, these diseases are not really about the thyroid or adrenal glands, they're about the secret killer — cell membrane free radical/inflammation.

The mitochondria, (26000 of these energy generators in each cell), communicate directly with the cell's nuclear DNA — the repository of the human genome. Epigenetic processes — how the cell transcribes individualized, self-regulatory information from the nuclear genome — facilitate the cell's response regarding energy production, function, inflammation, free radical damage, pathogen presence and all necessary actions to ensure the prime directive: Adapt and Survive. This is why chronic-degenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases are labeled mitochondrial diseases. The mitochondria are the "mineshaft canaries" giving early warning about the relative peace or warfare going on beyond the borders of the cell nucleus' inner sanctum.

When free-radical damage and inflammation permeate the cellular environment the cell's genomic chromosomes present a more confrontational face and manifest a disease depending on the person's genetic/bioenergetic disposition. This is why the one cause — inflammation — can serve up hundreds of different diseases for medicine to label based on biochemical individuality.

To the body's innate wisdom, a diseased person can still perpetuate the species, thus the body allows the disease as being preferable to death. This is why diseases already exist within the human genome, within our cells — they are an innate choice.

This is also why natural health practitioners contradict the errant tendency to blame genes for our diseases. Of course, we all have genes for cancer and diabetes and heart disease. But we don't have to express those genes or diseases! If we follow nature's laws, a person can have generations of familial disease, live a long, vibrant life and never express the disease. Just don't do the same thing that the ailing ancestors did (refined foods, nutrient deficiencies, chemical/pathogen exposures) and be proactive to maintain health despite the 21st Century challenges — nutrient-depleted foods, electromagnetic/ionic radiations, genetically modified foods, stress and acquired toxins.

What must we do? Simply protect our mitochondria from free radical, inflammatory damage. Protect our largest organ — the collective cell membranes (cell, mitochondrial and nuclear). Nature has a plan and it's within the life-shaped molecules of natural foods — fruit, vegetables, wild game, herbs and spices.

Action Plan

A simple, $4 test can evaluate a person's cell membrane free-radical/inflammatory damage occurring now. It measures lipid peroxidation via urinary malondialdehyde. It's a great way to ensure the proper amount of antioxidant activity in the body — not too little, not too much.

Correcting excessive inflammatory activities involves a simple recipe:

  1. Remove the cause. This is basically detoxification which we'll discuss in an upcoming issue.
  2. Lower the inflammatory "set point" established by the intestine's enterocytes (see April's DC Insights.)
  3. Adjust dietary antioxidant supplementation (plant-based food nutrients, judicious supplemental antioxidants such as acetyl glutathione, Co-Q10, etc.) to protect against excessive free radicals and inflammation.

In the 21st Century, aging equates disease — the "rusting" oxidative process of free radical damage and the resulting inflammation. Ultimately, it's nothing more than the body doing what it believes to be correct.

The secret killer has dire consequences. The answer lies within: whole foods and supplements, the intestinal microbiome, and within the hearts of natural health practitioners who teach patients "The Answer" to the perils and afflictions of today's health challenges.

Dr. Jack Tips is a clinician, author of 16 books and a licensed clinical nutritionist in New York. He is known internationally for his insights on solving thyroid dysfunction. You can view a free video presentation called The Hidden Diagnosis at www.NaturalHealthInsights.TV/video. More of his insights and free download articles are posted at

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