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Astounding Gut Instinct. The leaky gut concept is now "kindergarten material" in light of the latest microbiome research. Emerging facts and perspectives include:

  • It's not so much "you are what you eat" – it's "you are what your bacteria eat" that sets the standard for your body's life processes.
  • Your microbiome is unique to your genetics. It's a personal, biochemically individual microbiome, whose integrity is linked to your optimal health. There are more than 1,000 bacterial species that can comprise your unique biome.
  • Your intestines are sterile at birth and your microbiome is your mother's legacy to you. It was "seeded" for the duration of your life by nursing (colostrum and breast milk). Your skin microbiome was seeded during vaginal birth.
  • Antibiotics kill and/or alter your microbiome. Replacement probiotics can only aspire to being second-best because they are not your personal strains.
  • Your microbiome can control your thoughts, feelings and food cravings.
  • Your microbiome has a direct link to the level of autoimmune activity against your thyroid, thus the gut/thyroid link of thyroid dysfunctions.
  • Your microbiome is your first-line immunological defense against pathogens and helps establish the immune system's set point of inflammation throughout your body. Even low-level inflammation that Time magazine labeled "The Silent Killer," causing Alzheimer's and heart disease.
  • Your microbiome directly influences glucose metabolism (blood sugar) and thus is linked to insulin-resistance diseases – diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
  • The intestinal microbiome has a profound influence over health including the brains' leptin (hormone of satiety) receptors that control appetite and the storage of fat — thus your bacteria predispose your weight.

21st Century Nutritional Solutions

Today, clinicians use soluble and insoluble fiber supplements as food for the microbiome because food-fibers dictate what colonies flourish or decline. Whole food probiotics (raw, fermented, organic vegetables) are essential. Human adaptability and survival is predicated on bioenergetic and biochemical responses to nature's nutrients.

Probiotic supplements improve the availability of health-promoting strains. Medical research is proving the efficacy of herbs. Boswellia, echinacea, turmeric, cumin, bacopa and saffron have powerful health-promoting effects through microbiome adaptation, messaging and epigenetic expression attesting to the importance of having a wide variety of non-irradiated herbs and spices in the diet.

Therapeutically, improving the microbiome provides tremendous leverage over health processes, and involves a triad approach:

  1. Reduction of increased pathogenic or dysbiotic loads — includes reduction of good bacteria in the wrong place, e.g. bowel bacteria (fermenters) inhabiting the small intestines where they cause bloating. Tools employed – anti-pathogenic botanicals such as Echinacea, Goldenseal and Lomatium.
  2. Supplementation with probiotics, fiber blends and supportive nutrients such as butyrate, alanly glutamine, whey peptides, allantoin.
  3. Organic, fermented vegetables, spices and herbs in the diet stimulate beneficial epigenetic transcriptional processes. Vegetables and herbs are what our microbiome, bacterial genetics and personal epigenetic processes have used to adapt and survive over the past millennia.

Take action. The reestablishment of a healthier microbiome is critically important and a necessary step toward optimal health. Failure to address the microbiome means that the 21st century proclivity toward the silent killer — inflammation — continues unchecked, despite the best therapies. A healthy microbiome predisposes a healthy life.

Dr. Jack Tips is a clinician, author of 16 books and a licensed clinical nutritionist in New York. He is known internationally for his insights on solving thyroid dysfunction. You can view a free video presentation called The Hidden Diagnosis at www.NaturalHealthInsights.TV/video. More of his insights and free download articles are posted at

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