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Now, most chiropractors simply will not do this. After all, it is too easy to go the digital route, i.e., social media. Here is my recommendation: Do not follow the masses. Be different; be unique and elevate yourself to a higher standard. Understand one thing: Experts do things differently.

Something to pay attention to is making sure that you use fresh bait. All too often, one doctor will look to see what the other doctors are doing, and pretty soon 10 chiropractors in the same city are giving away a free report that looks, smells and feels the same.

Take a look around and make sure you are doing something different. If you notice that your competitor down the road is giving away a free report, then create a free video instead. If they're giving away free videos, it's time to create a report and give it away for free.

Step 3. Use Direct-Response Marketing

My belief is that everything starts and ends with direct-response marketing. Direct response, as the name suggests, is a type of advertising that is designed to evoke an immediate response or action from your target audience.

For example, you may decide that you are giving away a free 45-minute massage. Your ad can say, "Stop your back pain today! Call 888-888-8888 and request a free 45-minute massage." The big reason that this is so powerful, is because unlike institutional advertising (image ads, Goodyear Blimps, branding, etc.), this gives you a way to measure and track your results. And as the saying goes, "If you can't measure it, you cant manage it."

But here's where this gets really exciting. Let's suppose that the average value of a patient is $1,000 (annually) and you spent $1,500 on the ad you ran. If 100 prospects called in to request your offer, your lead cost would be $15 per lead, right? Well, what if we knew that of those 100 prospects, five of them would become patients (earning you $5,000)? That would mean we could create a system that funnels five new patients to us as often as we wanted as long as we used our new, systematic approach.

Again, when you are crystal clear about whom you are looking to work with, you'll not only attract the right group of prospects, but you'll do something else that's just as important: repel the wrong ones. A common misconception is that if you focus on a niche (e.g., athletes, whiplash patients), somehow you'll miss out on all the other opportunities. That is simply not the case. The more you position yourself as a specialist for someone specific and not for everyone, the more you will attract those who truly know you can help them.

Step 4. Do Not Bring Your Prospects Home

In the last step of this blueprint, I need to cover something that is of extreme importance and unfortunately, something that gets overlooked quite often. There are times when a chiropractor will take the time and focus on crafting a powerful message. There are times when doctors will transform themselves into sought-out specialists, carving out their own piece of the market. Some even go the distance and begin to learn the power of direct-response advertising using benefit-driven headlines, bullet points and irresistible offers to capture the attention of their ideal prospect. But then, even after all that, if the last step is left undone, the results won't reach their potential.

The biggest mistake you can make after working so hard to build your lead generation machine is to send your new leads (traffic) to your main Web site. Here's where the problem comes in: Ninety-nine percent of the time, your site is not designed to capture leads. Therefore, when you spend money to run an ad, you want to make sure you capitalize on that opportunity.

Do not send your prospects to your main Web site expecting them to take action, (i.e., find your contact information, pick up the phone, call and schedule an appointment and then actually get there). Sounds good, but let's just say it doesn't usually work that way.

In order to make sure this "machine" runs smoothly, all steps to the blueprint must be executed. Your traffic must be sent to a Web page that is specifically designed to capture leads (landing page or squeeze page). It must also have a clear call to action, with specific instructions on how you want the prospect to respond to your offer. Remember, your goal is to build the ultimate system for leverage; a powerful machine that allows you to build your practice in a savvy, automated and predictable manner, while completely eliminating the need to rely on any manual marketing methods.

Leo Goykhman is the CEO and founder of FamousChiro, a marketing and consulting firm specializing in helping DCs build their practices by setting up sophisticated marketing systems that automate the process of attracting high-quality patients. E-mail Leo at . For more information, visit

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