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Questions to ask and answer: What could your chiropractic nutrition prototype do to provide consistently outstanding value? How can you give your patients the results they want systematically, rather than personally? How can you create a chiropractic nutrition practice whose results are system dependent rather than people or expert dependent?

Second, your practice must stand out as a place of impeccable order. How can you create structure and order? How can you create a chiropractic nutrition practice that says to your patients and your staff that you know what they're doing; a practice that says to your staff, you know what you're doing?

Third, all work in the chiropractic nutrition practice model must be documented in operations manuals. This is your bible for "how we do it here." It documents the purpose of the work, the specific steps to be taken, and the standards relating to both the process and the result. It is crucial for your prototype.

Fourth, it must provide a uniformly predictable service to patients. Looking orderly is not enough; the chiropractic nutrition practice must also act orderly, it must do things in a predictable, uniform way. How can you ensure that what you do, you do the same way each and every time?

Fifth, the nutrition you offer must utilize a uniform look. The chiropractic nutrition model must be thought of as a package for your one and only product - your practice. How can you package your nutrition as carefully as a box of cereal? Sixth is systemization, by which I mean developing an integrated system that does the work of the practice while the staff run the system.

The Franchise Prototype Outcome

The end result is that, on the basis of the smooth, consistent, orderly chiropractic nutrition practice system that you have put in place, the reputation of your chiropractic nutrition practice will grow in leaps and bounds. Note that well. The reputation of your chiropractic nutrition practice, not your product! Chiropractic and nutrition are not your product. Your own personal chiropractic nutrition practice is your product and, as the reputation of your practice grows, so does its notoriety in the community and so does its possibility for referrals.

Think of McDonald's, the most successful small business in the world, and the first and best example of The Franchise Prototype. Managers with little management experience and staff with ordinary skill levels, yet the business thrives on a major league basis because attention has been paid to every detail in the system so that the highest levels of discipline, standardization, order and cleanliness apply in a way which guarantees that customer expectations can be fulfilled in exactly the same way on every occasion. McDonald's Franchise Prototype was a masterpiece creation and it set the lead for others to follow. Consider this. Whereas 80% of all other business profiles fail in the first five years, 75% of all business format franchises succeed. So why would you even consider taking the more dangerous route?

Chiropractors typically follow one path when it comes to offering nutrition. They usually purchase some supplements, get a basic understanding of the products from the manufacturer and try to remember to use the products when appropriate. This almost never works, and leads to frustration when the supplements expire while sitting on the shelves. However, once you have established your chiropractic nutrition Franchise Prototype, you will be able to continue happily offering nutrition for as long as it suits you. Clearly setting up your chiropractic nutrition practice by way of the Franchise Prototype will give best return! It is your key to success.

Dr. Donald L. Hayes, DC is a clinician, educator and author of several books, including Lifestyle Wellness and, along with Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Nutritionist: Why Most Healthcare Practices Don't Work and What to Do About It. He is founder and president of the Greens First line of nutritional products and the Lifestyle Wellness Total Health Improvement Program. He can be reached at 866-410-1818 or through

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