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Planning for a Successful Life After Chiropractic   
Getting in the Sports-Injury Game: Marketing Do's and Don'ts
Want to set yourself apart from the crowd in the competitive world of sports injury management? Perhaps you want to venture into taking care of athletes and focusing more on sports-related injuries. The increasing popularity of...
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If Cash Is King, Collections Are Your Fiefdom
Ron has been a chiropractor in a small Midwestern town for approximately 15 years. He has made good money during that time – or at least he thought so. Recently, Ron and his accountant reviewed his books, and while they showed a good...
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Treating Severe Chronic Pain: FIR Therapy Can't Hurt
Far infrared (FIR) energy has been studied and utilized in Asia for centuries. In North America, we are just beginning to understand FIR's positive attributes in fighting pain, inflammation and other medical conditions. Let's learn more...
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Design the Perfect Traffic Magnet
We're already into the second quarter of 2015 - have you made any changes? We are all familiar with Einstein's definition of insanity, so how are you going to get big results without doing anything different?
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Maximize Staff Efficiency & Productivity With Routines
Have you ever wondered how some practices just seem to run effortlessly? They make it look so easy. If you asked one of these doctors why their practice runs so smoothly, they might give you a few pointers or say, "good staff." But more...
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Face Off: Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Face Off offers you the opportunity to learn more about products / services you may be considering for your practice side-by-side so you can make an informed purchasing decision. This month's product category is anti-inflammatory nutrition.
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