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Planning for a Successful Life After Chiropractic   
Need a Social Media Adjustment? 6 Ways to Maximize Your Content
If your social media outreach is not producing the healthy results you expected, perhaps it's time for a social media adjustment. Almost 90 percent of the social media pages I see suffer from what I like to call "social misalignments."...
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The Truth About Salt
What's the deal with salt? You know you and your patients need some of it, but everywhere you see advertising and headlines telling you to eat less of it. You might have salt cravings, but you feel guilty indulging in them because...
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The Right Way to Terminate an Employee
Ending employee relationships is never pleasant. In fact, it's almost always better to spot issues and address them along the way, as opposed to starting over training from the beginning. But in cases when it is necessary to terminate...
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Working with Young Athletes: Injured Shoulder in a Swimmer
When you begin working with high-school and middle-school athletes, it's important to communicate effectively with the parents, as well as your young patients. Sometimes visual images are the best way to communicate what is really going.
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Sports Nutrition: Making the Right Recommendations to Patients
Participation in sports is a huge part of life in the United States. The number of runners alone has skyrocketed over the past 15 to 20 years. In 2012, 15.5 million people finished a road race, compared to only 5.2 million finishers in...
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Communicating with Patients: Boundary and Risk Issues
Operating a practice, especially your own, is extremely rewarding. Yet once you begin to observe, consult, service and heal patients, new risks apply. And these risks proliferate as you add staff and new patients. As a doctor,...
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Dealing with "Obamacare:" How Your Peers Do It
To help you enhance your practice and increase your bottom line, we ask practicing doctors of chiropractic, like you, for ideas and solutions that have been tested in real-world environments. Earlier this year, we asked what you were...
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