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February 4, 2014 >> Politics & Government

Association of New Jersey Chiropractors Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC), one of the largest associations of chiropractic physicians in the nation, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014.

In late January, the association celebrated 10 years of growth and accomplishments with a reception hosted at the Imperia in Somerset, N.J. for members and business partners.

The evening kicked off with a greeting by ANJC President, Dr. Joseph D'Angiolillo, who gave an overview of the current state of the association. Past ANJC President Dr. Steven Clarke then gave a recap of honorable undertakings by the association on behalf of the profession. Highlighting these efforts, in 2009, and after ANJC working with legislators for many years, a new scope of practice was passed. By advancing the scope of practice for chiropractic physicians in N.J. for the first time since 1953, chiropractic physicians were able to enhance the way they treat and manage their patients.

That dedication and commitment to the profession led to a historic first, 10 years ago, when six N.J. chiropractic associations united to form the ANJC.  Today, this precedent-setting organization is designed to forcefully promote and protect the profession and its patients. The ANJC is one of the strongest and largest chiropractic state associations, with almost 2,000 members treating nearly 1 million patients throughout the state.

"ANJC’s 10th anniversary is a remarkable milestone for the association. Our members currently make up over 80 percent of practicing chiropractic physicians in the state and are among the most dedicated in the profession," said Dr. D’Angiolillo. "We have made many achievements together as an association and will continue to work hard to represent the profession and educate the public on chiropractic care."

Source: Association of New Jersey Chiropractors


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