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March 13, 2013 >> Sports / Exercise / Fitness

Western States Students Seeking Donations to Volunteer at Maccabi Games

The University of Western States recently began a master's program in sports and exercise science. The program is providing students with experience in the specialization, assessment, and treatment of athlete populations.

Throughout the program, several practical opportunities are available to work with the local high-school athletes as well as at various sporting events in a supervised setting.

This year, the students participating in the program have a unique opportunity to expand upon their practical experience by taking part in the 2013 Maccabi Games in July. The Maccabi Games is an Olympic-style sporting competition for Jewish athletes; it that takes place every four years. The athletes, teenagers and adults alike, are converging from more than 60 different countries to Israel to participate in the world's third-largest international sporting competition. There are expected to be countless opportunities for students to interact with, treat and promote the performance of the 7,000-plus athletes expected this year.

Currently, eight students in the master's program are attempting to make it overseas to experience this diverse and profound sporting event. Not only will we be providing much needed treatment to the participants, but students will also be adding valuable experience in sports medicine and injury management to their repertoire as future practitioners. We, as potential participants, are seeking ways to attain funding to make this venture possible.

The notion of paying for the full trip out of pocket is a daunting one for a graduate student in their final year, which is why we are asking alumni and colleagues for any generosity and support to help make this a reality for us. Any and all forms of contributions to help fuel this experience would be thoroughly appreciated!

If you wish to contribute to our group, please visit our fund-raising website,, where donations can be made online. Donations by check are tax deductible, and can be made out to the University of Western States with “Maccabi Games” in the memo line. If you wish to pay by check, you may contact our supervising clinician, Dr. Sara Mathov, by e-mail at or send it addressed to the following:

Dr. Sara Mathov
University of Western States
2900 NE 132nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97230

Source: Brendan Irwin, one of eight University of Western States students hoping to attend the Maccabi Games this July.


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