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The Sleep Number Bed
by Select Comfort®

The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Your doctor has found that better sleep begins with a better bed.  Learn how the SLEEP NUMBER® bed can improve sleep quality and help relieve back pain.  Please rush my FREE Brochure and FREE Video, where I'll learn from owners and Sleep Experts why sleeping on a bed with firmness and comfort control is the key to more deep, restorative sleep. Call 1-800-831-1211 ext. 33078.

Chiroflow® Waterbase™ Fiber Pillow
Chiroflow Waterbase Fiber Pillow by Mediflow - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark by Mediflow

Clinically shown to improve quality of sleep! Restore your energy, reduce neck pain and soothe daily stresses. Only Chiroflow can be adjusted to fit you perfectly by simply adjusting the amount of water in the base. Higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better. Experience Chiroflow tonight! Ask your doctor and visit

Palmettoplex Dietary Supplement by Standard Process - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Palmettroplex® Dietary Supplement
by Standard Process

Palmettoplex is a combination of whole foods and herbs, in particular saw palmetto, tomato powder (lycopene), amino acids, and stinging nettle root, that are well-known for supporting the prostate gland. These nutrients provide natural prostate support by maintaining healthy prostate cell tissue and improving bladder elasticity. Ask your doctor and visit

Migraspray Migraine Relief by Nature Well - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Migraspray® Migraine Relief
by Nature Well

MigraSpray is a homeopathic medicine sold through chiropractic offices that provides comprehensive, safe and effective migraine relief. It is administered under the tongue and is highly effective for the rapid treatment of migraine attack and, if used daily, may dramatically reduce or eliminate the onset of chronic migraine. Visit us at or call 800-454-6790.

Profile Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers by Foot Levelers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Profile® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
by Foot Levelers

The Ultra Thin Profile® by Foot Levelers is your answer to the tight-fitting dress shoe. Now the fashion-conscious can wear their favorite shoes and maintain a healthy posture with comfort and protection. The Profile is the best choice for easy-to-wear, all-day comfort in a dress shoe.  Ask your doctor about the Profile® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizer and visit

Revolution Macalibrium™ Supplement
Revolution Macalibrium Supplement by Natural Health International - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark by Natural Health International

Revolution Macalibrium, through its adaptogenic properties, promotes the optimal production of your own hormones to enhance health and increase energy. This optimal balance "turns back the clock" to a younger biological age, leading to greater strength, endurance and improved mental and sexual function. Ask your doctor about Revolution Macalibrium and visit

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