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Fifth Avenue
by Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers 5th Avenue Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Created for a woman's body and custom-made for her feet and shoe style, Foot Levelers' 5th Avenue Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers provide all-day wear and support, leaving her refreshed and energetic even at the end of the day. Every woman deserves the comfort and style of walking in a 5th Avenue. Ask your Doctor about 5th Avenue Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers and visit

Meyenberk Goat Milk - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Goat Milk Products
by Meyenberg®

Delicious, creamy, all-natural MEYENBERG Goat Milk is easier to digest for those who are sensitive to cow milk or have soy allergies. High in calcium, vitamin A and B, and minerals, goat milk is a healthy addition to your family's diet. MEYENBERG, the trusted name in goat milk since 1934. Visit us at or call 800-891-GOAT.

Nature Well MigraSpray - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Migraspray® Migraine Relief
by Nature Well

MigraSpray is a homeopathic medicine sold through chiropractic offices that provides comprehensive, safe and effective migraine relief. It is administered under the tongue and is highly effective for the rapid treatment of migraine attack and, if used daily, may dramatically reduce or eliminate the onset of chronic migraine. Visit us at or call 800-454-6790.

China-Gel Topical Pain Reliever - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Topical Pain Reliever
by China-Gel

Seven herbal ingredients work together to help relieve pain associated with aching joints and sore muscles. You will be delighted with the refreshing lavender/menthol fragrance and smooth texture. The result is fast and effective pain relief without the danger of harmful side effects. Available in four convenient sizes for home use. Ask your doctor and visit or call 800-898-4GEL for more information.

Standard Process' Nutritional Supplements - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Nutritional Support For Sports Endurance
by Standard Process

Address the internal demands placed on your body during physical activity with whole-food supplements from Standard Process®:  Ligaplex® II, Cataplex® B, and Cardio-Plus®. Talk with your chiropractor for more information about these products or call 800-588-8740 for a health care professional referral.

Natural Health International Femenessence™ Dietary Supplement - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Femenessence™ Dietary Supplement
by Natural Health International

Femenessence™ is a clinically proven product for post and peri/premenopause, reducing hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. USDA organically certified and 100% natural, it balances ALL hormones by stimulating a woman's own hormone production ... and nothing is more natural than your own hormones. Ask your doctor and visit to learn how Femenessence™ can help you.

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