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Aging Well

Products to help you enjoy your golden years.

Femenessence™ Dietary Supplement
by Natural Health International

Femenessence™ Dietary Supplement - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Femenessence™ is a clinically proven product for post and peri/pre menopause reducing hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. USDA organically certified and 100% natural, it balances ALL hormones by stimulating a woman's own hormone production... and nothing is more natural than your own hormones. Ask your doctor and visit to learn how Femenessence™ can help you.

Ultra Luxury® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Ultra Luxury® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
by Foot Levelers

Postural support comes from the ground up. Custom-made just for you, Ultra Luxury Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are designed for those who want the best in comfort and support. It's time to give your feet the proper support, comfort and protection your whole body needs - it's time for Foot Levelers. Ask your doctor about Ultra Luxury® and visit

BodySport FitnessBalls - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Bodysport Fitnessballs
by Meyer Distributing Company

BodySport® FitnessBalls strengthen, stretch and tone all your major muscle groups, and improve your flexibility, balance and coordination. They feature a gently ridged surface for better grip, include an air pump and come with an illustrated exercise guide. Ask your chiropractor about ordering BodySport® FitnessBalls from Meyer Distributing Company today!

HT 125 Massage Chair - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark HT 125 Massage Chair
by Human Touch®

Designed to follow the natural contour of your spine and move three-dimensionally in four different modes, the HT 125 contains a rotating, multi-speed foot and calf massager. This luxurious leather chair features three individual pre-programmed massage sessions lasting 15 minutes each. Available in black, cashew and red. Retail $1,999. Ask your doctor or visit us at

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