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What are the best jobs to pursue for the next five years? Fast Company, a magazine that chronicles how the business world is changing, has published its list of "The 25 Top Jobs for 2005." According to Fast Company, the list "draws on the work of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and an innovation expert to tap the top jobs."

The 25 top jobs were selected based upon four specific criterion: Job Growth Index (accounted for 35% of the overall index score); Salary Range Index (35% of the overall index score); Education Index (20% of the overall index score); and Innovation Index (10% of the overall index score).

Each job received a score of 0-100 for each of the above indexes. Those scores were combined according to the above percentages to arrive at the Total Index Score.

And coming in at number four on Fast Company's list is ... Chiropractor. According to the article, chiropractors "diagnose and treat problems related to a person's muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems, with special emphasis on the spine." The article cited advanced education, the trend toward alternative health, and insurance reimbursement as the reasons why "the job is hot."

The job of chiropractor had the highest score in the Education Index - a whopping 98.48. This beat out other jobs in the top 25 such as medical scientist (98.28), biochemist/biophysicist (96.48); epidemiologist (98.28) and lawyer (98.37). Chiropractor also did well on the Salary Range Index with a score of 84.93. This fell below personal athlete (100); security sales agent (89.36); and financial advisor (87.95), but bested the remaining 21 jobs.

OK, so maybe you're not considering a career move, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the full benefits of chiropractic! Regular chiropractic care helps alleviate everything from back pain to headaches to wonder it's in the top 25 jobs! Ask a doctor of chiropractic what regular chiropractic care can do for you. For more information on chiropractic, visit


Quinn M. The 25 top jobs for 2005. Fast Company's Fast Take, Feb. 16, 2005.

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