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The More You Know About: Pediatric's Health
Accessory Ossicle or Fracture?4/24/92

Adolescent Scoliosis and Chiropractic1/27/97


"Alternative Therapies for Children"1/1/98


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder10/21/94

Auto Accidents10/22/93

Baby Walkers4/10/95

Back Pain12/02/94

Back Pain in School Children 3/13/95

Birth-Induced TMJ Syndrome Is Most Common Cause of Breastfeeding Difficulties8/13/93

Breast Is Best1/17/90

Breast Milk Is Best1/26/98

Earache: Evaluation and Treatment6/4/93

Chiropractic and Children3/27/95

Chiropractic Care for Children7/29/94

Chiropractic: Safe for Children?9/7/98

Congenital Muscular Torticollis12/16/94

Enuresis: Chiropractic Management7/30/93


Growth Plate Injuries8/15/95

Growth Plate Trauma7/3/92



Headaches - Another Look1/15/93

Idiopathic Scoliosis: Chiropractic Management3/1/91

Infantile Colic12/17/93

Infantile Colic: Chiropractic Found Effective12/15/99

Infantile Colic - Does Every Baby Have It?2/1/91

Is it Safe to Adjust a Child's Spine?9/1/94

Juvenile Kyphosis2/10/97|

Late Walkers Are Naturally Smarter?6/05/95

Lead Poisoning10/11/91

Low Back Pain: Kids with LBP Become Adults with LBP12/2/96

Lyme Disease, another Look9/1/91

Lyme Disease, Part I9/25/92

Lyme Disease, Part II11/6/92

Newborn Infant2/28/92

Nocturnal Enuresis1/26/99

Nursemaid's Elbow7/31/95

Otitis Media7/28/97

Otitis Media1/31/92

Otitis Media - Antibiotics Unproven, Concludes International Researchers9/22/97

Painful Pediatric Joints9/23/94

Parents Need to Know5/08/95

Pediatric AIDS: The Ultimate Chiropractic Challenge 6/12/00

Pediatric Developmental Problems1/16/95

Pediatric Elbow Injuries2/28/90

Pediatric Spine4/9/93

Pediatric Torticollis with Allergies and Head Injury 7/10/00

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care4/7/97

Sacrum Subluxation5/17/99

Scoliosis and Children2/12/01

Scoliosis and the Child's Spine10/21/94

Secondhand Smoke: Damaging Effects to Children9/22/97

Spinal Hygiene and Safety, Part I4/20/98

Spinal Hygiene and Safety, Part II5/18/98

Spinal Problems in Children, Part I2/11/94

Spinal Problems in Children Part III: Adolescents5/6/94

Spinal Problems in Yound Children, Part II: 3-10 Years4/6/94

Spinal Subluxation and Tonsillitis1/14/94

Spinal Subluxations in Children1/16/95

Spinal Subluxation in Children, Part II2/13/95

Suboccipital Strain in Newborns6/3/94


Torus and Greenstick Fractures of the Forearm in Children8/14/92

True Nature of Disease9/01/95

Upper Cervical Traum and the Birth Process11/6/92

Upper Respiratory Infections12/16/94

The Young Athlete: Part II10/7/96


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