Dynamic Chiropractic - June 15, 1998, Volume 16, Issue 13

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Must-Have Resources for the Chiropractor and Their Patients, Part II

by Darryl Curl, DDS, DC

Resources, Guides, Handbooks and More

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FS) is a clinical entity brimming with fascination. One of the first discoveries made by the student of FS is that the available fibromyalgia syndrome literature is quite vast. Therefore, finding pertinent FS literature can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic library has compiled one of the most complete collections of FS materials for the doctor and their patients, friends and family. No matter what your interest in fibromyalgia syndrome is, you are sure to find what you need.

Clinical Characteristics and Guides

Do you want more information about the clinical aspects of fibromyalgia syndrome? Here are some examples:
  • biomechanical causes of FS (great for nutritional support);
  • vasomotor rhinitis (persistent runny nose) and fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • Lyme disease associated with FS;
  • clinical diagnostic criteria and forms;
  • theories on the causes of FS;
  • hundreds of references and much more.

If you are interested, ask the LACC librarian for the Clinical Characteristics and Guides section.

Diagnostic and Management Resources

Do you want to know more about the early clues of fibromyalgia syndrome, the FS workup, or the management of the FS patient?
  • physician's guide to fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • FS tender point chart;
  • clues to the possibility of FS;
  • pathogenesis of fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • syndromes associated with FS;
  • facts about fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • chiropractic care of FS;
  • craniosacral release technique of FS;
  • nutritional implications and fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • cranial electrotherapy and fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • FS diet;
  • physical therapy for fibromyalgia syndrome;
  • self-management of FS;
  • French version of FS tender point chart.

Ask the LACC librarian for the Diagnostic and Management section from the fibromyalgia collection.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome Tutorial

Do you want to take a home-study course about the management of the FS patient? If so, ask the LACC librarian for the FS Tutorial section.
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome tutorial (a great self-study guide).

Patient Handbooks

Are your patients asking for information about FS? The LACC librarian has just what you need. Ask for the Patient Handbook section.
  • Great resources for the patient, their family and friends.

Interesting Scientific Articles

Thinking of new ways to treat fibromyalgia syndrome? Want to know what others have done? If so, ask the LACC librarian for the Interesting Scientific Articles section.
  • Citations of articles most relevant to chiropractic

Catalogues, Videos, Books and Newsletters

  • Need office room material? Want material for lectures to your community? Want to start a newsletter or contribute to existing newsletters? If so, ask the LACC librarian for the Catalogues, Videos, Books and Newsletters section.

  • A virtual information library of how and where to obtain these FS products.

Online Resources

Are you a cyberdoc? Do you have Internet access? If so, ask the LACC librarian for the Online Resources section.
  • USA Fibromyalgia Association;
  • fibromyalgia patient resource information list;
  • websites, newsletters, contacts, support groups, etc.

Support Groups

Many of your FS patients will benefit from support groups! Ask the LACC librarian to send you the Support Groups section.
  • Is there a fibromyalgia syndrome support group in your community? There are worldwide listings available.

Listserve Resources

Stay on the forefront of management for the FS patient. Ask the LACC librarian to send you the Listserve Resources section.
  • Join online discussion groups with other doctors or patients.

How to Contact the LACC Library

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
16200 East Amber Valley Drive
Whittier, CA 90609
Tel: (562) 947-8755, ext. 235
Fax: (562) 947-5724

What's Ahead

Next month, we will discuss some of the clinical characteristics of fibromyalgia syndrome. Stay tuned!

Darryl Curl, DDS, DC
Norco, California