Dynamic Chiropractic - February 9, 1998, Volume 16, Issue 04

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Book Review -- By David Marquis, DC

Title: The Connection: the Mystique of Groin, Hip, Lumbar, Sacroiliac Joint and Muscle Unified Dynamics. Examined and Treated in a Practical Manual.
Author: Joseph V. Kurnik, DC
Publication: Softcover, 55 pages
Publisher: Joseph V. Kurnik, DC
Category: Chiropractic education
Price: $23
Part #: T-192

Dr. Kurnik has taken the often elusive subject of hip and groin pain and written a detailed approach to functional analysis and treatment. His exam and treatment protocols are based largely on the work of Dr. L. John Faye and other chiropractic researchers in the fields of functional assessment and soft tissue disorders.

This resource gives the reader clear and in-depth descriptions of the numerous variables that may be contributing to a commonly seen disorder. It then guides the reader through complete treatment protocols for each variable. It's not a lot to read (55 pages), but it is a clinically relevant tool, useful to everyday practice.

Dr. Marquis' rating: 7 out of 10