Dynamic Chiropractic - October 6, 1997, Volume 15, Issue 21

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Video Review

Title: Sureshot Spine and Extremity Videos
Author: Drs. Tiffany McCoy Moore and Norbert Dombrowsky
Part #: V-447
Publication: 2-tape video set
Publisher: Sure Shot Video,
P.O. Box 270006, Flower Mound, TX 75027
Phone: 1-800 359-2289
Category: Student education
Price: $99/set

This videocassette series is designed as an adjunct to instruction of students (and potentially, the continuing education of practitioners) in the mechanics of spine and extremity x-ray positioning. It is a very thorough instruction on the basics of patient preparation, positioning, and interpretation of normal anatomy for standard radiographic series.

The first video runs one and one-half hours and covers the following osseous x-ray series: standard and extended cervical spine series (including posterior and anterior obliques and Davis series); standard and extended thoracic (including swimmer's); standard and lumbopelvic (including anterior and posterior obliques and lumbosacral spot); and full spine. Also included are considerations for the abdomen (KUB) and chest.

For each spot, consideration is given to maximizing quality of film and minimizing the incidence of retakes. This is achieved through precautions regarding de-artifacting the patient; specific recommendations on body measurement; shielding; focal film distance; tube tilt; ID marker placement and film marker placement. A sample radiograph in each position is then analyzed in detail for identification of anatomical landmarks. Reduction of in-patient exposure by use of screens and patient positioning is also highlighted.

The second cassette, running one hour and 10 minutes, recounts the same procedures and precautions for standard extremity series: shoulder; elbow; wrist; hand; hip, knee, ankle and foot. These include typical AP and lateral projections, and more difficult views such as tunnel and tang. Specific considerations for table or bucky techniques are also discussed.

The tape is well produced and detailed in content. Although the pace is slow, this is a small sacrifice for the thoroughness of information provided and intent of the tapes.

Silvestrone Rating: 10 out of 10