Dynamic Chiropractic - November 4, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 23

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Video Review

Title: "Understanding Low Back Pain"

Author/ Craig Hollowell, DC, 1257A Rucker Road, Publisher: Enterprise, Alabama 36330 Publication: Videotape, 20 minutes Category: Patient/public education
Cost: $49.00

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This 20-minute video is a neatly encapsulated interpretation of the AHCPR guidelines, Acute Low Back Pain in Adults. It is geared toward patient (and conceivably health care practitioner) education about the intent and content of the guidelines. Although produced exclusively with still photographs and graphics, it is an effective summary not only about what HAS been determined to be effective treatment for low back pain, but also what has NOT. It educates and advises patients to facilitate treatment choices based on scientific evidence, not unsubstantiated tradition.

This is accomplished in an orderly and organized manner by first discussing why the guidelines were developed, the prevalence of low back pain, cost of care, the evidence of inappropriate or suboptimal care for low back pain and the body of research available on current treatment modalities. The development of the document is delineated, including the makeup of the panel and the number of documents reviewed. Strong emphasis was placed on the role of multi-disciplinary practitioners with resultant affirmation of the validity of the guidelines.

A typical perusal of spinal anatomy and etiology of low back pain ensues. A significant portion of the video discusses those treatments which have been proven effective: Over-the-counter or scripted medicine, heat or cold application and spinal manipulation. A caveat regarding the side effects of medication and the role of manipulation in treating the etiology of pain add chiropractic emphasis to the program. The discussion of spinal manipulation details the facts regarding which practitioners possess the greatest expertise in spinal manipulation based on hours of formal training and experience. Other types of care designated as "optional" or "not recommended" are presented. Typical cautionary notes regarding lifting and other provocative postures are detailed, as well as specific recommendation for postural and habit alteration for minimization of pain.

This is a uniquely patient-centered video, in that it encourages the patient to make informed decisions and not undertake low back treatment without question. It encourages the use and application of current scientific studies and cautions the patient against wasting money on unsubstantiated treatments. In short, it provides every rational for chiropractic care of low back pain patients. It is an extremely valuable educational tool for patients, as well as other health care providers.

Dr. Judy Silvestrone Rating: 10 out of 10