Dynamic Chiropractic - October 21, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 22

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Book Review

Title: The Story of the Grand Celebration:

Commemorating 100 Years of Chiropractic
Author: C. Randall Heuston
Produced by: Chiropractic Centennial Foundation
Publisher: WDG Communications Publishing
Category: Doctor, student, and public education
Price: $75

Checks payable to:
Chiropractic Centennial Foundation
P.O. Box 4522
Davenport, IA 52808
(319) 326-9652

Having just finished The Story of the Grand Celebration, my first reaction is: extraordinary. Reading this book has allowed me to relive the excitement, fun, fulfillment of the centennial year. Some people reading this review will have shared those experiences; many more did not. Only a small percentage of our profession attended the Grand Celebrations in Washington, D.C. and/or Davenport, Iowa. For those who did not attend, you have a rare second chance to experience what those of us who were present know to be the experience of a professional lifetime.

The Story of the Grand Celebration will take you to all of the events: the Kick Off, the Rose Parade float, Washington's Scientific Symposium, and the Historical Symposium in Davenport. Still, more than just reporting the major events, The Story of the Grand Celebration takes you back to the beginning of the centennial. It recounts the triumphs, but also the trials and tribulations associated with putting together a birthday party for a profession. The author, C. Randall Heuston, demonstrates his skill and expertise as a reporter in covering this story. We hear of the good and the bad. There was heated discussion and significant disagreement. They made mistakes, but they took corrective action. It becomes obvious that there were times of rough sailing, but the Centennial Foundation persevered and under the very capable direction of its president, Dr. William Holmberg, held a celebration of which the entire profession could be proud. Heuston records it all. Using the objectivity good reporters possess, he brings it all into focus, creating a chronological look at the largest and finest event in chiropractic's 100-year history.

In seven sections the story unfolds. There are many behind the scenes stories that made me more appreciative of the outcome. The story isn't just about things, it's about the people who took part in the celebration and those who made it happen. I enjoyed reading how the Grand Celebration first began as a committee of Palmer College, and later expanded to the Centennial Foundation, encompassing the entire profession with a very dedicated Board of Trustees, administrative staff, board committees, and advisory committees unselfishly giving untold hours of their time to bring this celebration to the profession. There was the creation of a budget, marketing plan, merchandising plan, entertainment plan, and many other aspects of the celebration, (or to quote Dr. Holmberg, "da-da-da"). All of this with no prior experience with an event of this size. Not only were the members of the boards and committees dedicated, but they were brave.

This story is not only well written, but beautifully illustrated. One of the best decisions made by the Centennial Foundation was to have photographers record all of the events, meetings, and happenings. Heuston has blended these pictures and text into a truly wonderful story. In reading this book one feels as if they are there at all of the important events, meetings, and decisions. No book can completely recreate the feeling generated by 5,000 chiropractors all in one place celebrating their profession's 100th year, but this book comes very close. For those who attended and purchased the book, be patient, your copy will soon be on its way. For those who, for whatever reason, did not attend, you still have a chance to experience the spirit of the Grand Celebration: get yourself a copy of The Story of the Grand Celebration, read it, look at the photographs, and feel some measure of what a fortunate few felt. As B.J. Palmer said so eloquently, "It's as simple as that."

The rating scale for reviews in Dynamic Chiropractic ranges from 1-10, this is most definitely a 10, but I truly believe The Story of the Grand Celebration scores a perfect 100!

Dr. Stephen Savoie Rating: 10 out of 10