Dynamic Chiropractic - October 7, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 21

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Behind Closed Doors


Department of Pharmaceutical Espionage

(They spend millions of media dollars on subtle messages designed to shape the thinking of the average citizen.)

[Second Frame: AN is admiring as AZ brags]

AZ: Yes, Ms. Nutherpill, it was easy to get the AMA House of Delegates to pass Resolution 623, indeed, they were quite enthusiastic.

[Third Frame - AZ continues]

AZ: The chiros are media neophytes, but they've been making steady progress with their national media campaign. Resolution 623 will fund $200,000 to $500,000, a mere pittance, to explain to the masses just how uneducated chiropractors are comparted to real doctors.

[Fourth frame: AN looking surprised]

AN: But Agent Zachery, isn't a chiropractic education equivalent to a medical education, except for the drugs and the slicing and dicing?

AZ: Yes, and in some ways better.

[Fifth Frame: AN is still curious]

AN: Then how will you convince the public that the chiropractors aren't as educated?

[Sixth Frame - AZ gloats]

AZ: It's not the story, Nutherpill, it's how you tell it.