Dynamic Chiropractic - September 1, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 18

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Book Review

Title: Wellness for the Chiropractor
Author: Edmund J. Burke, PhD
Publisher: Mouvement Publications
109 Forest Glen
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Publication: paperback, 300 pages
Category: doctor and student education
Price: $29.95

This book begins with a short history of the concepts of health care and wellness. As many in our profession know, the concept of health from within and misalignment of spinal structures interfering with health are not new. These concepts have existed since antiquity. Dr. Burke provides a review of these ancient references, along with a brief historical perspective on chiropractic, including its founding by D.D. Palmer and its development in the early 1900s by B.J. Palmer.

In this introductory chapter, Dr. Burke has taken the more traditional wellness triangle of exercise, wellness behavior, and good nutrition and reformatted it to the "holistic wellness square." The Wellness Square consists of Prudent Exercise, Wellness Behavior, Wise Nutrition, and Chiropractic Care.

In a succeeding chapter Dr. Burke discusses the degenerative diseases which he calls the "wellness enemies." This chapter includes the factors contributing to these conditions: smoking (primary and secondhand smoke), diet, and stress. The factors which can be controlled by individuals to decrease the risk to health and some methods of prevention are also presented.

There are several chapters dedicated to the discussion of exercise: how exercise plays a part in an overall wellness plan and the different types of exercise. The discussion of the types of exercise is accompanied by pictures and illustrations demonstrating the proper technique for each type.

How exercise affects the body is covered in some depth. Discussion of work, oxygen consumption, aerobic and anaerobic processes are supplemented by charts and tables. For those who only paid superficial attention to terms such as VO2 max, aerobic graphs and anaerobic threshold in physiology class, this book will provide an excellent and easily understandable refresher.

The topic of nutrition and its role in wellness receives equally careful attention. The importance of the various nutrients, the foods that contain them, and how best to integrate them into a diet are all covered in depth.

This text packs a significant amount of information for a 300-page paperback. Dr. Burke has taken his knowledge of health and sports and successfully blended it with chiropractic to produce a book that truly discusses the subject of wellness.

Dr. Stephen Savoie's rating: 9 out of 10