Dynamic Chiropractic - April 22, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 09

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Book Reviews

Title: Neurological Differential Diagnosis, 2nd ed.
Author: John Patten, MD
Category: Student and Doctor Education
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Price: $65

This text was first published in 1977 and the last official printing of the first edition was in 1987. In the past five years, Dr. Patten's text has been nearly impossible to find, so we are very fortunate that a second edition has been published.

To state it simply and plainly, Neurological Differential Diagnosis should be on the shelf of every chiropractor and chiropractic student. As all DCs and MDs know, neurology and neurological testing and diagnosis can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Patten's text is written with these problems in mind.

Diagnosing neurologic lesions is a particularly difficult task unless the doctor has command of the anatomical structures involved. Dr. Patten provides detailed figures which illustrate the anatomy and the location of lesions. Concurrently, the text describes the pathology and provides appropriate case histories. This method of presentation is consistent throughout the entire text.

If neurological diagnosis has been intimidating to you in the past, you will find that this text will provide you with the means to accumulate knowledge and develop self-confidence.

Dr. David Seaman's Rating: 10 out of 10

Title: The Medical-Legal Survival Guide
Authors: Eleanor Southers, JD, and Craig E. Morris, DC
Category: Doctor Education
Publisher: Chiro-Legal Publishing Company (310) 470-0765
Publication: 96 pages, soft cover
Price: $20

So you would like to do more personal injury work, right? Attorneys tell me frequently that they wish they knew more doctors who were knowledgeable about P.I. Chiropractors who really know their stuff will attract plenty of work in the chiropractic-legal community. So where do you start?

The Medical-Legal Survival Guide is a handbook for California chiropractors that teaches you about depositions, report writing, billing, collecting, case management, and how to attract more P.I. business. The cost is a mere $20, and is worth many times that from all the tips you will receive. You will get paid faster, get more P.I. cases, and help your patients when you have to testify as an expert witness.

Eleanor Southers is a Los Angeles attorney doing personal injury and workers' compensation cases. Dr. Morris practices in Torrance, California and has extensive experience in both P.I. and workers' compensation. They write in a style that is easy to read, concise, and straightforward. There is no fluff. Every page is packed with good information. The book is nicely indexed and has sample forms in the appendix.

What will you learn? How to answer a subpoena; how to prepare for depositions and trials; mistakes and how to avoid them; how to answer hostile questions; and even what to wear. There are chapters on disability, ethics, working with attorneys, and even the BAJI (instructions which are given to jurors on how to evaluate the doctor's testimony). Whether you are a novice or an expert, you are sure to learn from this book.

I think this book is quite good. I recommend it to all California chiropractors and those in other states where there is a tort system and you may be called upon to testify as an expert. The best part is that all this information is available for only $20. It took me years to figure out this very complex system and, thanks to this book, I am still learning. My recommendation is that you buy it today.

Dr. Steven Eggleston's Rating: 9 out 10