Dynamic Chiropractic - December 4, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 25

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Changing Attitudes in Canada

As health care practitioners learn more about each other's techniques and rationales, scientific study is replacing suspicion and prejudice. A survey of Canadian General Practitioners (GPs) surprisingly revealed their appreciation of chiropractic despite their admitted ignorance about it.

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Canadian GPs

Refers Patients for Chiropractic - 58%

Perceives Chiropractic to Have Some Degree of Usefulness - 70%

Has Knowledge of Chiropractic - 10%

Has Prior Training in Chiropractic - 2%

Has Desire for Training in Chiropractic - 25%

----------------------------- SOURCE: Goldszmidt M, Levitt C, Duarte-Franco E, Kaczorowski J. Complementary health care services: A survey of general practitioners' views. Can Med Assoc July 1, 1995; 153(1):29-35.