Dynamic Chiropractic - September 12, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 19

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European Centennial Celebration to Be Held in France

REIMS, France -- Nestled in the heart of the renown Champagne region, the French city of Reims from antiquity served as the coronation site of all French kings, and is therefore thoroughly steeped in history and royalty. Befitting this city's rich historical tradition, Reims will also be the site of the European Chiropractic Centennial celebration October 13-16, 1995.

The Chiropractic Association of France and its satellite patients' association are the organizers of the European celebration. Klaus Poelhe, immediate past general secretary of the European parliament, will serve as the honorary president of the European Chiropractic Centennial. The celebration's opening speech will be given by Mayor of Reims and Member of French parliament Mr. Jean Falala.

According to Catherine Bouchet, DC, president of the Chiropractic Association of France and board of trustees member of the European Chiropractic Centennial, the celebration is a chance for chiropractic professionals, patients, and representatives of governments in Europe to meet with one another. Twenty-seven ambassadors from countries where chiropractic is practiced have been invited to the celebration. "Beyond the different political orientations, we would like to enhance the spirit for a unity of the profession and show the importance of the chiropractic service," Dr. Bouchet commented.

Scheduled speakers include: Drs. Normand Danis, James Gregg, P.L Gaucher-Peslherbe, A. Kleynhans, Sid Williams, Reed Phillips, Curt Rexroth, and Larry Webster, among many others. There will be a number of discussion forums covering the following topics: history, chiropractic development, chiropractic education, professional activities, and patient concerns. There will also be educational sessions on clinical pursuits and research, philosophy, chiropractic education, pediatrics, and technique. Talks and videos will detail the history and development of chiropractic all over the world. The European Centennial's organizers are also planning a pediatric conference that will be part of the celebration's activities, as well as a golf tournament.

For more information about the European Chiropractic Centennial, please write to the following address:

B.P. 273
51060 Reims Cedex

Tel. 011 33 26 40 11 22

or: 011 33 26 88 99 57

Fax: 011 33 26 97 72 27