Dynamic Chiropractic - September 12, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 19

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The Art of Chiropractic: Six Original Historical Paintings to Auction at Davenport Centennial

To commemorate the chiropractic profession's fascinating and colorful heritage, the Chiropractic Centennial Foundation (CCF) commissioned 12 original oil or acrylic paintings depicting great moments in the history of chiropractic. These works of art are certain to enrich the visual quality of chiropractic publications for years to come.

The CCF offered the wonderful opportunity for individual DCs to own some of these original paintings when six of them were auctioned at the Washington, D.C. centennial celebration (see the June 5, 1995 issue of "DC"). Now, the second six paintings will be sold by silent auction at the Davenport celebration, with a minimum bid for each painting at $1,500. If you would like to make a bid by silent auction and are not able to attend the Davenport centennial celebration, you may mail or fax your offer to: Chiropractic Centennial Foundation, Commemorative Art Auction, P.O. Box 4522, Davenport, IA 52808-4522, FAX: (319) 326-8409.

The five other original paintings for the silent auction at the Davenport centennial celebration:


"Women in Chiropractic"
by Robert Lawson, Kalamazoo, Michigan
(12" x 14")

"B.J. Palmer at Lyceum"
by Ted McElhiney, LeClaire, Iowa
(36" x 34")

"Willard Carver and the Oklahoma Legislature"
by Robert Lawson, Kalamazoo, Michigan
(13" x 13")

"The Struggle for Licensure"
by Jack Smith, Cape Coral, Florida
(28" x 22")

"Going to Jail for Chiropractic"
by Robert Lawson, Kalamazoo, Michigan
(18" x 12")