Dynamic Chiropractic - July 31, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 16

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Book Reviews

Title: Orthopedic Disability and Expert Testimony, 4th ed. Editor: Harold F. Goodman, MD, FACS Publisher: Wiley Law Publications John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Category: Doctor/student education Price: $115

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This is a 254-page hard back text of 11 chapters. There are six contributing authors who are considered to be experts in their fields.

This is a text that is most difficult to review because it is a multidisciplinary generic text designed and written for, what appears to be, the defense and the prosecution alike. For those doctors involved with giving either regular testimony or expert testimony this is an extremely valuable text. For the doctors who are not in this situation it is equally as good because it takes you through a region by region examination of the entire body with special emphasis on what to look for during the case history, how to record it, how to give your report of findings, and basically how to stay out of trouble.

A significant amount of time is spent on the strategies and guidelines of cross-examination, and should you find yourself in this most difficult position you will be very happy that you read this book.

This is the type of book that should be in every chiropractic college book store and in every doctor's personal library. The student would be well advised to read this book, as few of the chiropractic colleges ever have enough time for the jurisprudence instructor (I hope a practicing attorney) to get into this material in this depth and latitude. The systems review in this text are also superb. Students will be able to see how to write a case history so that they do not compromise themselves unknowingly.

This is an informative, easy-to-read text with numerous illustrations and references.

Innes Rating: 9 out of 10

Title: Seniorobics: The Fitness Guide for People 55+ Author: Ellen Coven Publication: 96 pages, spiral bound, includes audiocassette Publisher: Fitwise Programs P.O. Box 759 Jericho, New York 11753 (516) 822-6306 Category: Patient education Price: $14.95

This small package packs a great deal of current health information and a realistic aerobics program for senior patients. It is far more than just another exercise tape. Targeting seniors who are commencing (or recommitting) themselves to "keeping an older model functioning at peak performance," it is a thorough lay lecture on fitness. Included are relevant physiology and anatomy, and nutritional, habit, and lifestyle recommendations.

A complete low impact aerobics program comprises the bulk of the text (Side 1 of the cassette). There are accompanying photographs for each sequence, laid out in an easy reference horizontal scan. The program includes the standard warm-up/cool down, and liberally supplied precautions and reminders of maximal exercise positions. The aerobics section is followed by posture and visual imaging cues, specific exercises for balance, abdominal strengthening, and special "problem areas" in the extremities. The entire program is accompanied by music paced to the activity, and a voice-over cuing each sequence. The reverse of the tape is designed to accompany a walking workout.

Only two areas of concern: Many people do not follow precautions regarding professional advice prior to commencing an exercise program. Without this consultation, several of the exercises (particularly in the "problem area" section) are potentially injurious to certain conditions. Secondly, one of my patients who tried the program had difficulty following the text in concordance with the tape, due to its rapid pace. The first two or three attempts at the program resulted in shuffling of pages and stopping of the tape in order to follow the sequences. This obstacle might be enough to dissuade a patient with less dedication to pursue the fitness program.

Ms. Coven's 20 years of experience in teaching dance fitness has been extremely well applied to the needs of the older patient. This program has many benefits to offer the fitness neophyte, regardless of age.

Silvestrone Rating: 8 out of 10