Dynamic Chiropractic - January 30, 1995, Volume 13, Issue 03

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Video Review

Title: The Doctor of Chiropractic: Scientifically Based, Proven Safe and Effective, Professionally Trained for Primary Care

Producer: Kansas Chiropractic Association, (913) 233-0697

Publication: Videotape, 10 minutes in length

Cost: $34.95, plus $4 shipping and handling

This 10-minute videotape, initially developed for the edification of legislators, is the most professionally produced and balanced chiropractic educational video that I have yet seen. Developed in 1994 by the Kansas Chiropractic Association (KCA), it is a very succinct, thorough treatment of chiropractic which highlights the strengths of chiropractic training and effectiveness and cites the sources for commonly held misbeliefs.

The video begins with a brief summary of findings of the Wilk trial and states the goal of the tape as an effort to "stop the lingering effects of the conspiracy." It builds the foundation for doctors of chiropractic as primary care physicians via three major points: scientific foundation, safety and effectiveness, and the extent of professional training.

The portion regarding chiropractic's scientific basis stresses the concepts of body function control by the nervous system, inflammation and irritation of nervous tissue, and the effect of structure on function. Safety and effectiveness are defined through highlights of the Manga, Meade, and New Zealand reports. Examination of chiropractic training includes preprofessional preparedness, emphasis on basic sciences, qualifications of chiropractic educators, and the mandate of national and state examinations.

Personal interviews include presidents of both Logan and Cleveland (KC) Colleges along with students and faculty at those sites. Well-designed footage of both campuses reinforces the discussion of education preparedness and depth.

Excellent graphics, professional voice-over, and citation of information sources round out this superlative video. This tape was distributed to all U.S. senators and representatives in August of 1994 by the KCA. The final quote of the tape indicates its purpose: "We hope these facts will help you make decisions that affect the chiropractic profession and the millions of patients they serve." The utilization of this tape could be an untold asset in state legislative efforts, and I wish all chiropractic students could be armed with a copy of it upon graduation.

Silvestrone Rating: 10 plus