Dynamic Chiropractic - May 6, 1994, Volume 12, Issue 10

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Book Review

By Judy Silvestrone, DC

Title:        My Report of Findings
Author:       William D. Esteb, DC
Publisher:    Orion Associates, 1993 (1-800-937-3113)
Category:     Doctor and student self-improvement
Publication:  Paperback, 229 pages

"...Growing a practice, like healing, is an inside job ..."  The
foregoing excerpt characterizes the marvelous use of language and
chiropractic metaphor packed into Dr. William Esteb's latest book,
My Report of Findings: More Observations of a Chiropractic
Advocate.  His observations are on a variety of chiropractic topics
  • how to communicate with and educate patients * the whys and wherefores of moving chiropractic from sickness to wellness care * defining a vision of chiropractic education and care for future generations
The author's clarity of vision, and use of humor and metaphor make this book very digestible, if not always palatable. As a proponent of diversity, Dr. Esteb's essays are certain to earn both cheers and jeers from chiropractic critics. Every reader will be heartened by some aspect of his writings and disconcerted by others, whether it be the advice to invest in more technologic hardware and explain chiropractic in more scientific terminology or the encouragement to act as a patient's "health care coach" and reduce fees to promote wellness care.

Dr. Esteb also offers more mundane advice on improving yellow page ads and newsletters, forming business contracts, and choosing a practice consultant. His words of caution for students, as well as established DCs challenged by underinsured patient populations, are forthright and current. He has developed buzz words and phrases, such as the "3 Rs of effortless practice: Rapport, Results, and Retention." But there are also hard questions, "What kind of profession will you be bequeathing to the next generation of chiropractors?"

Dr. Esteb is known as a consultant in practice growth and patient education through Back Talk Systems, Inc., and his previous book, A Patient's Point of View. His insight into chiropractic's current and future challenges alone merit reading of this book. But also illustrative of his work is this reminder: "Those that are having the most fun in chiropractic recognize practice is a process, not a destination. You never 'get there!'" Reading My Report of Findings is certain to help you have more fun in your "process."

Silvestrone Rating: 9