Dynamic Chiropractic - January 1, 1994, Volume 12, Issue 01

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Video Review

By Steven Eggleston, DC

Title:      Unlock the Secrets of Electro Therapy
Author:     Dr. Joseph Ventura
Publisher:  National Council for Electro Medical Research
(800) 456-4738
Product:    Video series
This video is the first in a series that deals with microcurrent and interferential electrical modalities. Unfortunately, this is the only one of the set that was submitted for review.

The video submitted for review was professionally made with excellent graphics in many parts. It presents the theories of the modalities and discusses how they work. The history of electrotherapy is presented as well as discussions of the gate control theory and endorphins.

What follows is various setups of the electrodes on patients. This section is thorough and many examples are given on each machine.

Imagine that you wanted to teach your patients about electrical modalities: that is the level of this presentation. It is very basic. Students will find it valuable. After watching the video they will have a good working knowledge.

New back office CAs may also benefit by watching. It will get them familiar with these machines in less than two hours. Most doctors will find little new information in the video if you work with these machines already.

I have never seen a video presentation on PT as thorough as this one. This is both good and bad. The good news is that those who know very little will learn a lot. The bad news is that most experienced doctors will learn little. If you are a doctor with a need to educate your staff (or have time to watch a painfully basic and slow moving video) this is for you. There were not any "secrets" unlocked that I didn't already know and I do not even have interferential or microcurrent in my office!

This product causes me to alter my rating scale slightly as follows:

Eggleston Rating: for doctors -- 4
for students -- 6

for staff    -- 6