Dynamic Chiropractic - October 22, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 22

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Poster Review

Title: J. Cobb Chiropractic Cartoon Poster

Category: Patient Education

Author:    Charles R. Ingram, DC
See C-206 on the Preferred Reading and Viewing List on pages 34-35 for ordering information.

Here is a terrific poster for your reception room or treatment room. It's a colorful 2' x 3' poster of 60 small cartoons depicting the trauma people inflict on their bodies during their daily activities, (mowing lawns, sporting pursuits, household chores, etc.).

In the bottom right corner of the poster a larger cartoon shows a patient sitting with her chiropractor and asking him in wonderment, "Doctor, how in the world did my spine ever get into this shape?"

I put this poster in a frame and put it in one of my treatment rooms. I have found many patients studying and looking at it as I walk into the room. I have received many positive comments from patients like "Oh, I get it now." In other cases I refer to it when patients say, "Why is my back hurting again ... I thought I was getting better!" I walk them over to the poster and say, "Which of these activities did you do over the weekend?" They always find out that they overdid it.

The poster gets its message across with humor; patients understand and like it. It shows not only activities of adults, but those of children, making it a good promotion for referrals of family members.

Eggleston Rating: 10