Dynamic Chiropractic - September 10, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 19

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Book Review

Title: Acupuncture, Meridian Theory, and Acupuncture Points

Category: Doctor Education

Author:   Li Ding

Publisher:  Pacific View Press
3011 Action
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 549-4213

Publication:  413 pages, hardcover
Acupuncture is something I know precious little about and my approach to this book is from the perspective that I have referred patients for acupuncture with excellent results but have no personal experience either as a practitioner or patient. Without specific knowledge that would allow me to comment on the contents of the book, I've confined my comments to the quality of the book, its layout, diagrams, and presentation.

The table of contents is very helpful. The book is divided into five chapters, each with subsections. The chapter titles are: 1) Generalization of the Meridians; 2) Generalization of the Points; 3) The Three Yin Meridians of the Hand; 4) The Three Yang Meridians of the Hand; 5) The Three Yang Meridians of the Foot; 6) The Three Yin Meridians of the Foot; 7) Du and Ren Meridians.

There are two appendices, "Extra Points" and "New Points." The book appears very thorough and professional. I welcome any reader who has knowledge of acupuncture to write me with their opinion its contents. I will publish a summary of comments in a future issue.

Eggleston Rating: 8 (as qualified)

Title:    My Report of Findings

Category: Practice Building

Author:   William Esteb

Publisher:   Orion Associates
Distributor: Back Talk Systems
2845 Ore Mill Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 633-1105

Publication: 229 pages, softcover

Hot off the press is William Esteb's new book, My Report of Findings, a follow-up to his earlier book, A Patient's Point of View.

I've only had time for a cursory look at the book, but it is full of great information. There will be a full review of My Report of Findings in a future issue. The more familiar I become with the work of Back Talk Systems, the more impressed I am.

Eggleston Rating: 10