Dynamic Chiropractic - April 23, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 09

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Title: Common Blood Tests

Category: Doctor Education

Author: N.L. Gifford, PhD Publisher: Technical Books for the Layperson, P.O. Box 391, Lake Grove, N.Y. 11755, Telephone: (703) 877-1477 Publication: 123-page softbound book

This is a book I wish I had owned in chiropractic college. It explains what lab tests are for, what they measure, and why they are done. It gives examples of what high and low values may mean and what diseases may be involved. It is an excellent reference book for the doctor who interprets lab tests only occasionally and does not have them committed to memory.

Eggleston rating 7

Title: How to Succeed in Chiropractic College
Category: Student Education
Author: Kent L. Boyer, DC

Publisher: Halo Books, P.O. Box 2529, San Francisco, CA 94126, Telephone (415) 981-5144 Publication: 174-page softbound book

Reading this book made me think of that old saying "nobody explained it to me like that." Dr. Boyer covers many very useful subjects: choosing your college; money matters; the chiropractic profession; basic sciences; clinical sciences; internship; and boards. The Appendix lists the address and phone number of every state licensing board and national and international chiropractic organization. If you know someone who is or will be attending chiropractic college, give them this book. It may be the best gift they could get.

Eggleston Rating: 9

Title: Comments on the Development of Chiropractic Category: Chiropractic History Author: Keith B. Kennedy, DC, The Grange, Unit 37, McAuley Place, Waitora NSW 2077, Australia Publication: 52-page softbound book

Dr. Kennedy writes about the evolution of quadrupeds and bipeds as a prelude to a discussion of his experiences in chiropractic since 1911. He and his family were pioneers in the profession, and we all owe these pioneers a great debt. Unfortunately, the book is not well-written and I cannot recommend it.

Eggleston Rating: 1

Steven C. Eggleston, D.C.
Huntington Beach, California