Dynamic Chiropractic - January 1, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 01

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Upcoming Stories

Washington's Worker's Comp. Caps Chiropractic Care

Lack of Guidelines Limits Chiropractic to 30 Visits

See details in January 15th issue.

ICA Board Calls for Nationwide Effort on Standards of Care for Chiropractic

Presidential Forum

Last year we set aside editorial space to allow all the chiropractic college presidents the opportunity to address the profession on a topic of their choosing. Because of the success of that forum, we again will be hearing from the presidents of our colleges on a broad range of topics.

Starting us off for 1993 is Palmer President Dr. Donald P. Kern with an excellent, thought provoking article. See Dr. Kern's article in the January 15th issue.

Mississippi Associated Chiropractors Join Centennial Sponsors

Raise $1,250 within Minutes.