Dynamic Chiropractic - December 4, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 25

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Excellent Coverage of Chiropractic on "CBS This Morning"

A week long program "Conquering Back Pain" on "CBS This Morning" showcased Robert D. Poteete, D.C., president of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association. The segment featured patient testimonials and Dr. Poteete adjusting and explaining what a chiropractor does.

COCSA Sets the Stage to Continue Guidelines' Process

At the annual meeting of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, a lively and loud debate on the Mercy Guidelines enlivened the normally staid atmosphere of the Congress. The Congress passed a resolution to commission a group to continue the guidelines process.

University of Quebec at Three Rivers to Add Chiropractic Program

Managed Competition Act of 1992

U.S. House of Representative Michael Andrews (D-TX) introduced managed health care legislation whose benefits package will be determined by a "National Board of Health," based on a list of treatable diagnoses. The benefits package "would not specify whether chiropractic services were covered or not. It would be up to the health plan to determine when chiropractors were the most effective and efficient provider for certain diagnoses."

Paralympics Games, Barcelona

The Paralympics, an international competition for disable athletes, was held in Barcelona one month after the Olympic Games.

DCs Douglas Greene and Clayton Heatley of FICS treated disabled athletes from around the world as volunteers for the International Olympic Committee.

Flordia Companies Try to Entice DCs with "Commissions"

Some companies in Florida, via advertising and direct mail, are offering DCs the proposition of monetary compensation for referrals. While Florida law does not allow such a practice, companies are targeting chiropractors, hoping to entice them into their nefarious schemes.