Dynamic Chiropractic - November 20, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 24

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FSCO: Embezzlement or Fraud?

Has someone embezzled FSCO (Federation of Straight Chiropractic Organizations) dues for personal use, or has an incredible fraud been perpetrated against straight chiropractic? The answers could prompt criminal charges.

State of Washington Shows No Mercy

When the chiropractic profession in Washington state were unable to agree on chiropractic practice guidelines, the Department of Labor and Industry developed their own. Chiropractic care for workers' compensation is now limited and additional care requires the consent of an MD.

Two Virginia Studies Boost Chiropractic

  • "The Virginia Study of Mandated Insurance" concluded chiropractic "comes close to the 'best case' scenario of low costs and high benefits."

  • "The Virginia Cost Comparison Study" concluded that chiropractic "may emerge as a first option for patients with certain medical conditions."

ICA to Sponsor Natural Fitness Symposium Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger