Dynamic Chiropractic - November 6, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 23

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Australian Study Compares Chiropractic vs. Medical Costs

"Mechanical Low Back Pain: A Comparison of Medical and Chiropractic Management within the Victorian WorkCare Scheme" studied a matched sample of "all work-related mechanical low back pain claimants within a 12-month period in Victoria, Australia."

Comparisons of costs and outcomes between medical and chiropractic care were very favorably in chiropractic's corner.

Chiropractic Freedom of Choice Law Upheld in Florida

An appellate court upheld a Florida statute that says an insurance company cannot avoid paying for chiropractic by classifying manipulation as physical therapy.

Chiropractic Is the Cat's Meow

Members of the cast of Cats were treated to chiropractic care during the play's revival in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alabama State Chiro. Assoc. Develops PPO

The ASCA has organized a PPO to gain chiropractic parity in the workers' compensation market.