Dynamic Chiropractic - September 1, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 18

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Upcoming Stories

U.S. Department of Transportation Permits DCs to Conduct Physical Exams of Truck Drivers

The Chiropractic profession has succeeded once again in its efforts to broaden government recognition of chiropractic when, with the assistance of the ACA, it persuaded the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to permit DCs to conduct physical examinations of commercial truck drivers and to certify them as medically qualified to drive. This policy reversal will allow DCs to participate in a program that was limited to medical and osteopathic doctors only.

Mercy Conference Document on Its Way

At this writing, the Mercy Conference Document has been typeset and is in the pre-press stage at Aspen Publishers, Inc. By late September, the document will be mailed to every DC in the country.

Should Non-Chiropractors in Foreign Countries Be Taught Chiropractic Procedures?

DCs may be interested to know that chiropractic seminars which "teach chiropractic" to non-DCs are going on in Mexico and Europe. Should these non-chiropractors be allowed, with only 12 hours of "training" and no health care background, to "treat" patients? Look for an upcoming article on whether these chiropractic seminars in foreign countries promote the chiropractic profession, or destroy its development in countries which currently lack vital licensing laws.

Kentucky Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Chiropractic

DCs in Kentucky who testify as expert medical witnesses are now on equal footing with MDs and DOs, thanks to a recent Kentucky Supreme Court ruling. Be watching for further details on the story.