Dynamic Chiropractic - July 31, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 16

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Comprehensive Forms Book

By -- K.S.J. Murkowski, D.C., and Dennis G. Semlow, D.C., in collaboration with W. Karl Parker, D.C.

Loose-leaf -- 137 pages

Some of my favorite television programs are those concerned with archeology and great scientific finds. The things that particularly fascinate me are concerned with Egypt and, in particular, the 18th dynasty. A recent program covered this fascinating subject.

It was during the 18th dynasty that some of the most momentous events in Egyptian history transpired. King Tutankhamen is today the most recognized figure of this era. While Tut was a minor king who died when he was but 18 years of age, what made him so famous and hence this period in time so renowned, was the discovery of his virtually untouched tomb by Howard Carter in the 1920s.

One can only imagine the excitement when the first step leading to the tomb was uncovered. When the entrance was cleared, the royal seals had not been broken, which meant that untold treasures undoubtedly lay beyond the door. Carter contacted his mentor, Lord Carnarvon in London and waited in Egypt, refusing to open the tomb until he arrived. It must have taken all the professional control he could muster, his mind racing with the thoughts of what he might find after he broke the sacred seal of the Egyptian priests.

The story goes that when Howard Carter cut a hole and peered into the burial chamber, Lord Carnarvon asked breathlessly, "What do you see?" What Carter saw was walls of shimmering gold that had been untouched for thousands of years. All he could answer was a simple "Wonderful things."

Forgive me. I know I've told this story before, but there are some things that should be said again, especially as an introduction to another kind of treasure.

Associated Practice Consultants has produced many fine volumes for the chiropractic profession, but none that are of the immediate value as is this collection of office forms. Attractively packaged in a loose-leal notebook style, I almost felt like Carter when he first saw the wall of gold in the candlelight. What did I see? Wonderful things!

Drs. Murkowski and Semlow have collaborated this time with Dr. W. Karl Parker of the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation to give the chiropractic profession undoubtedly one of the most extensive compendiums of office forms ever assembled. There are forms in this book that I never knew I needed simply because I never knew they existed.

After spending years buying pads of all kinds of forms, and spending a small fortune in the process, along comes this special gift from Parker. The Parker Foundation has probably done more for the profession than any other professional enterprise, and I feel this book of forms will go down as one of their most generous endeavors.

Inside the covers of this publication are over 100 different camera ready forms that you can copy. The contents lists six practice management forms covering such things as CA employment and the agenda for staff meetings. There are also 44 forms dealing with insurance and 48 with records, reports, and exams.

All the forms are built to last on heavy-duty paper that invites extensive use. And the authors precede the forms themselves with a section giving detailed explanations and suggestions for use of all the material being offered.

After a careful perusal of the forms, I've decided to alter some of my practice procedures and patient information material. It's like a kid in a candy shop; I go from one page to another eating as much as I can.

This collection of forms will save you a great deal of money and improve the management of your practice at the same time. For this, we owe a good deal of thanks to the authors, Drs. Murkowski and Semlow, for their enterprise, and to Dr. Karl Parker for allowing the use of such valuable practice resources.

Now lean a little closer, I can't say this too loudly. Buy this set right away before someone decides they've given away too many "wonderful things."


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