Dynamic Chiropractic - July 17, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 15

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"Advanced Whiplash Injuries"

Six audiotapes by Stephen M. Foreman, D.C., DABCO, and Shawn Steel, Esq.

It seems like yesterday that many of my colleagues were literally bouncing off the walls with the excitement of having been included in Medicare. Then there was the insurance equality law in California. Oh, what joy!

Me? I didn't really care that much. Mine was and is a mom and pop operation. This didn't mean that I didn't need and want the benefits of insurance compensation, it's just that it wasn't an obsession. When all these benefits were announced, my stomach did a turn for I could almost envision the future. I could see the greed of my colleagues; it was almost palpable. If anyone could figure out ways to increase income and get money from a third-party payer, it was the wheeling, dealing chiropractor.

Unfortunately, history proved this assumption correct. No, we aren't the only ones in the healing arts who have rip-off artists; we're just less discreet, and advertise the fact. Medicine, on the other hand, is almost sacrosanct to the public when compared to chiropractic. This may not be fair, but these are the facts. The result is that we must be more careful than the average health practitioner for we are often watched with greater zeal.

In Foreman and Steel's "Advanced Whiplash Injuries" audiotapes, the many problems with all the legal machinations of personal injury cases are covered in a comprehensive and viable manner.

Foreman actually begins the program with a classic case of differential diagnosis of greed/stupidity. He tells of a time when an insurance company requested an expert opinion on a bill that had been submitted by another chiropractor. It seems this DC had just taken out a policy for protection of his office. One week after the policy was in force, someone had a fall. Where? In front of his office. The chiropractor then proceeded to treat this patient with charges that would make the greatest con man blush. Let's see, there's $65 for an office visit, a different charge for just about every bone touched and, of course, modalities. Before he was through, each visit averaged well over $350. As if that wasn't enough, he had the patient come back twice a day so that the bill was over $700 per day. By the time the bill reached $47,000, the insurance company began asking questions. And to make things worse, this DC kept calling the insurance company asking why all his bills hadn't been paid. Now, I realize that the insurance companies aren't paragons of virtue, but with people like this crazy we can't afford to throw stones.

Foreman goes on from there to explain how to spot the legitimate big injury. The one that deserves your concerned attention and might bring in substantial income for legitimate and necessary services. With the third-party payers often in an adversarial role, it's important that we know that what we do is defensible.

Enter one of the most exciting lawyers I've ever heard. Foreman shares the podium with the brilliant attorney, Shawn Steel. If you have never heard him speak, and what is just as important, what he has to say, then I suggest that you get this wonderful set of tapes for that reason alone. Mr. Steel has a no-nonsense manner that seems to permeate his every word. Sounds crazy, but he almost makes you want to go to court just to watch him in action. I've said this before in a prior review but, thank God, he likes chiropractic.

Mr. Steel covers the opening of a personal injury case, and this is followed by Foreman deftly covering the correct kind of history taking and examination. Each then goes back and forth covering their areas of expertise. The subjects covered proceed with: Work and Lifestyle Disabilities -- MI, Disability, Residuals -- Billing for the Personal Injury Case -- Prognosis and Apportionment -- and finally my favorite, Going to Trial in the Personal Injury Case, with Mr. Steel.

Included with the tapes is an outline workbook which complements perfectly what you hear.

It's made abundantly clear that we are big boys and girls now, and that chiropractic is in the financial big leagues. As a result, the insurance companies and the legal profession are playing hard ball and we'd better know what to do when we get up to bat. They are beginning to keep records and statistics on all the players. They can almost tell you what you eat as they develop a profile of your practice. This means that each of us represents all the rest of us and, unfortunately, we are too often judged by the worst of us.

"Advanced Whiplash Injuries" is an essential part of any chiropractic audio library. Please get it. If not for you, then for me and the rest of the profession. We all need the protection that the common sense espoused on these tapes affords.

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