Dynamic Chiropractic - April 24, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 09

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Exciting News: Mercy Center Conference Document

Look for an important announcement in the next issue regarding the the consensus document that was forged at Mercy Center Conference, The Establishment of Guidelines for Chiropractic Quality Assurance and Standards of Practice.

Is Surface EMG Experimental?

Jeffrey Cram, Ph.D., president of the Surface EMG Society of North America (SESNA) discusses the issues of EMG evaluation.

Tropical "Medical College" Adventures

A DC relates his experience of attending a curious school in the Dominican Republic that promises DCs a "medical degree" in mucho short time.

CORE Program Announced

The Consortium for Chiropractic Research has announced its educational and research programs for the 1992 Conference on Research and Education (CORE).

National Health Policy Update

Ron Hendrickson, ICA executive director in a follow-up article to his March 27, 1992 perspective on President Bush's health reform proposal.