Dynamic Chiropractic - February 28, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 05

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Mercy Center Members Voice their Opinions

The 35-member DCs that developed chiropractic's first quality assurance and standards of practice document at the Mercy Center Conference speak about the experience.

The Metamorphosis of PMA into Clinicorp

In this issue (see page 35) "DC" revealed the transformation of PMA into a new company called Clinicorp. "DC" asked Dr. Peter Fernandez, the founder of PMA and president of Clinicorp, what it all means.

"Chap" Reaver's Latest Novel

Will Herbert Reaver, D.C., become chiropractic's answer to Sidney Sheldon? He's off and running again after his award winning first novel, Mote. Discover his latest offering and the difficult decision he had to make.

ACC Advisory Committee Meets in Las Vegas

The 35-member commission of the Mercy Conference voted to have the proceedings donated on a restricted basis to the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) for distribution to the profession. The nine-member Advisory Committee met February 14, 1992 in Las Vegas to finalize the details of distributing the profession's first chiropractic quality assurance and standards of practice document.

Volleyball, Anyone?

Gary Sato, a 10th-term student at LACC has been selected as an assistant coach for the 1992 Olympic U.S. Men's Volleyball Team.