Dynamic Chiropractic - February 14, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 04

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Chiropractic Unity: a Japanese Perspective

Can you envision the day when one national, unified, chiropractic association represents the United States? How would such an eventuality come to pass? There are some precedents for chiropractic national unity in other countries: Japan and Australia, for instance.

With this in mind, "DC" asked the co-chairman of the Chiropractic Council of Japan, Dr. Mitsumasa Endo for his insights on the subject of national chiropractic unity. Perhaps his perspective will be of value.

American Medical News Features Article on Wilk et al. Settlement

The weekly newspaper of the American Medical Association, the American Medical News (AMN), was forced, as part of the Wilk et al. settlement, to publish in its January 13, 1992 issue Judge Getzedanner's injuction order against the AMA, the revised AMA opinion on chiropractors, and an article by anti-trust lawyer, Mr. George McAndrews. (See January 31, issue of "DC".)

The front page of the January 20, 1992 issue of the AMN presents its own article on the settlement. The article is a fair and unbiased chronicle of the case's history, and an assessment of the consequences of the settlement.

The Mercy Center Conference Held

As of this writing, the Mercy Center Conference (the conference to establish chiropractic standards of care and quality assurance) is taking place just south of San Francisco, California.

Discover how the conference unfolded.

The Consortium for Chiropractic Research puts out a call for papers.