Dynamic Chiropractic - August 18, 1990, Volume 08, Issue 17

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World Federation of Chiropractic Meets in Geneva

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), representing national associations of chiropractors in 43 countries, had its annual executive council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland during May 1990.

The meeting was held to coincide with the annual Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO). For the first time, DCs from every world region attended the WHO assembly, carrying awareness of chiropractic to WHO leaders and national delegates from over 100 countries. Meetings with WHO officials advanced working relations first established in 1988.

New countries/associations admitted to membership were Belize, Columbia, Iran, Kuwait, and Taiwan. A major WFC agenda item in Geneva was the planning of the 1991 World Chiropractic Congress to be held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada, April 30-May 5, 1991. This will feature: assembly of members with reports on chiropractic in over 40 countries, workshops, lectures, and presentation of current chiropractic research.

The congress program, organized by a WFC research council chaired by Dr. Scott Haldeman, is exceptional. Confirmed lead speakers are:


Alan Breen
David Cassidy
Lynton Giles
Scott Haldeman
Reed Phillips
John Triano


Gunnar Andersson
Nicholas Bogduk
Bjorn Rydevik
Akio Sato
Sam Wiesel



Clinical examination
Sacroiliac dysfunction
Facet syndrome
Research trials
Chiropractic radiology

Occupational back pain
Spinal anatomy
Nerve compression
Neurovisceral reflexes
Differential diagnosis of spinal disorders

Prizes of $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000 are being awarded to the top three research papers submitted. The proceedings are to be published in a special issue of JMPT.

Over 1,000 chiropractors from more than 40 countries are expected at the Toronto meeting -- why not be there yourself! If you are interested in presenting research on the program, or attending, write for more information to:

1991 World Chiropractic Congress
3080 Yonge Street, Suite 1028
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4M 3N1

FAX No. (416) 484-9665

Outline/Legend For Photograph

Council of the World Federation of Chiropractic: (Seated left to right) Dr. Christopher Diedericks, Africa (past president, Chiropractors Association of South Africa); Dr. John Sweaney, WFC secretary-treasurer, Pacific (executive director, Australian Chiropractors' Association); Dr. Gerald Clum, North America (vice president, ICA); Dr. Enrique Benet, Latin America (president, La Sociedad Cientifico Quiropractica de Mexico); Dr. Kenneth Luedtke, North America (former president, ACA); Dr. Gary Auerbach, WFC president, North America (ACA delegate); Dr. Christoph Diem, WFC vice president, Europe (president, European Chiropractors Union); Mr. David Chapman-Smith, WFC secretary-general; Dr. Bruce Vaughan, Asia (president, Hong Kong Chiropractors' Association); Dr. John Cochrane, North America (president, Canadian Chiropractic Association); Dr. Yousef Meshki, Eastern Mediterranean (Amman, Jordan); Dr. Vince Lucido, North America (past president, ACA).