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Dynamic Chiropractic Archives - November 4, 2002

November 4, 2002 Issue
Volume 20, Issue 23
ACA Unveils Long-Range Plan
Editorial Staff
Thank You, ACA!
John Amaro,DC,FIAMA,Dipl.Ac.NCCAOM
Protein, Calcium and Bone Density, Part 2
G. Douglas Andersen,DC,DACBSP,CCN
The Beach, Golf and Chiropractic
G. Douglas Andersen,DC,DACBSP,CCN
Aussie DCs Seek to Prohibit Spinal Manipulation by MDs, PTs
Editorial Staff
Subluxation-Based vs. Subluxation Syndrome-Oriented
Arlan Fuhr,DC
New Chiropractic Guidelines for the Insurance Industry
Editorial Staff
NSAIDs for Soft Tissue Lesions
Warren Hammer,MS,DC,DABCO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Agrees to Overhaul Chiropractic Claims Reviews
Jim Harrison, associate editor
Subluxation and Muscle Patterns for the Lower Thoracics
Marc Heller,DC
Chiropractic in an Israeli Air Force Clinic
Capt. Shahar Kenin,BSc,DC
JMPT Abstracts for September 2002, Volume 25 - Number 7
Editorial Staff
Katz Denied Standing in Canadian Inquest ... Again
Editorial Staff
Determining What Exercise to Prescribe
Craig Liebenson,DC
Supplements with Ephedra or Steroid Hormone Are Illegal for Minors, Says California Legislature
James Meschino,DC,MS
Examinations as Criteria for Ordering Additional Tests
Jeffrey Miller,DC,DABCO
Mutual Professional Referral: Post-MVA
Nancy Molina,DC
News in Brief
Editorial Staff
Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Opens in Port Orange
Editorial Staff
Not Another Four Years of Davis!
Donald Petersen Jr.,BS,HCD(hc),FICC(h)
Give Yourself a Nutritional Adjustment
David Seaman,DC
Chiropractic within Public Health - A Fish on a Bicycle?
Rand Baird,DC,MPH Cheryl Hawk,DC,PhD, and Lisa Killinger

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