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Dynamic Chiropractic
June 26, 2000, Volume 18, Issue 14

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Autism and Autoimmunity

by Raymond Gallup

As a parent whose son is autistic due to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, I found Dr. Andrew Wakefield's February 1998 Lancet article about measles in the gut of autistic children on target.1

Vijendra Singh,PhD, found that our son tested positive for myelin basic protein antibodies in February 1995.2 In November 1995, James Oleske, a pediatric immunologist at UMDNJ in Newark, New Jersey tested our son and found that his measles titers were three times higher than normal, equal to subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). Dr. Oleske has found other autistic patients having elevated measles titers that are three-fold higher than normal.3

Our son and other autistic patients were treated with intravenous gamma globulin (IVIG), a treatment pioneered by Sudhir Gupta,MD.4 Dr. Gupta notes that high titers, the MMR vaccination and the myelin basic protein antibodies as being connected with autism.

There have been other troubling findings:

In an article on autoimmunity and vaccines,5 Arnon Dov Cohen,MD, and Yehuda Shoenfeld,MD, state that vaccines have a predilection to affect the nervous system and cause demyelination.6 Hugh Fudenberg,MD, identifies the MMR, DPT and hepatitis B vaccines being involved with his autistic patients.7 He also referenced Dr. Singh's article on the myelin basic protein antibodies (VK Singh, et al., 1993). Harold Buttram,MD, believes the MMR is a potential cause of encephalitis in children.8 Dr. Rimland, recognized internationally as a leading expert in the field of autism, publicly states that he believes that the current childhood vaccine programs are one of the major causes for the current epidemic of autism.9

At a public meeting, Dr. Singh presented information on an unpublished, preliminary study of 27 autistic children. He found a nearly 50 percent correlation between MMR antibodies and antibodies to myelin basic protein in serum drawn from the children.10

Dawbarns, a law firm in England, has published a paper that reports on over 600 instances of side effects following the MMR and MR vaccines, which were introduced in England in 1988.11

In a recent report from Japan it was demonstrated that the live virus from the measles vaccine does persist in mononuclear cells of the body in children with autoimmune hepatitis.12

In 1991, there was a report of significantly higher child mortality following high-titered measles vaccines compared with standard measles vaccines among children in Senegal.13

Dr. Harris Coulter makes numerous references in his book to the effect of vaccines on the myelin in the brain. He states that vaccines are the main cause of encephalitis.14


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Raymond Gallup President, Autism Autoimmunity Project, a 501 (c) (3) charity committed to finding the answers to the epidemic of autism caused by immune insult. Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

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Dynamic Chiropractic
June 26, 2000, Volume 18, Issue 14

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