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Dynamic Chiropractic
February 24, 1997, Volume 15, Issue 05

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Book Review

Title: Mosby's Medical Surfari
Editor: Scott R. Gibbs, MD, MA
Publisher: Mosby
Publication: Softcover, 320 pages with computer disc
Category: Doctor and Student Internet Education
Price: $24.95

Don't let the name turn you off. A better title would have been Mosby's Health Care Surfari, because this book is truly "a guide to exploring the Internet and discovering the top health care resources."

The text is designed for every level of Internet expertise. Even if you don't yet own a computer, this book will educate you on getting connected to the Internet and informed of the online health care resources.

The first part of the book walks you through a clear understanding of what the Internet is and how to use it. It addresses every facet from computer hardware and software to Internet service providers (ISPs). The authors evaluate search engines and how you can use them to perform a more efficient information search. Each chapter is full of important details that many of us missed when we jumped to the Internet and learned on the job.

The second part of the book is an extensive listing of Internet resources, including medical networks and general health care web sites. The computer disc included contains bookmarks for more than 1,600 health information resources.

The chiropractic web sites reviewed are:

  • American Chiropractic Association Chiropractic Online
  • Chiropractic Resources Referral Directory
  • Chiroweb
  • Chiropractic Health for Washington State
  • New Jersey Chiropractic Page
The applications for this book are endless. Not only can you enhance your understanding of health care, but you can access solid information regarding ailments your patients may have. From AIDS to women's health, a better understanding is just a few clicks away. You can also use these web sites to empower your patients and allow them to become better informed before they make important decisions.

The book includes four appendices:

  • Building a Web Site
  • Internet Providers and Building Internet Software
  • Fun Internet Resources
  • Health Care Newsgroups
Whether you're already browsing the Web, or just thinking about it, this book is a must.

Donald M. Petersen Jr. Rating: 9 out of 10

Dynamic Chiropractic
February 24, 1997, Volume 15, Issue 05

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