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Dynamic Chiropractic
September 12, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 19

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Book Review

Title:Correlative Neuroanatomy, 22nd ed.
Authors:Stephen Waxman, MD, PhD
Jack deGroot, MD, PhD
Publication:Softcover, 399 pages
Publisher:Appleton & Lange, 1-800-423-1359
Category:Physician and student reference

This is the same solid text initially authored by Joseph Chusid in 1938 that most of us are familiar with from professional training. Over the years, many additions and upgrades have been added. This latest edition is the best by far. Many of the chapters have been substantially rewritten, with the addition of many case histories, clinical correlates, and a chapter dedicated to critical thinking.

The fundamentals of the text include those you would expect in any neurology text: anatomy of the brain and spinal cord; functional systems; and the relationship between neuroanatomy and neurologic disease. The chapters are aptly illustrated with advanced imaging studies, as well as the tables and schematics for which Chusid first became known.

This new edition is most notable however for the addition of many case histories which quiz the reader as to location and nature of the lesion, while reviewing critical concepts. Many recent discoveries and revisions based on the expanded understanding of cellular, molecular, and systemic composition of the nervous system are included. Appendices include tips on the neurological examination, a question and answer section regarding lesion sites and clinical findings, spinal nerves, and plexi and muscle testing.

If you still have the same neuroanatomy text on your shelf which saw you through the basic sciences years ago, pitch it and treat yourself to this book. In light of the research advances and the clarity and precision offered in this edition, it is well worth the investment and perusal. For those teaching in neuroanatomy or neurologic diagnosis, it is essential.

Dr. Judy Silvestrone Rating: 10 out of 10

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Dynamic Chiropractic
September 12, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 19

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