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Dynamic Chiropractic
May 6, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 10

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Book Review

Title: Foundations of Chiropractic: Subluxation
Editor: Meridel Gatterman, MA, DC
Publisher: Mosby 11830 Westline Industrial Dr. Saint Louis, MO 63146 1-800-426-4545
Category: Doctor and student education
Price: $59.95

Having read Dr. Gatterman's previous work, I had high expectations for this latest venture. I was not disappointed. In Foundations of Chiropractic: Subluxation, Dr. Gatterman has brought together a large body of information on a subject of importance to the chiropractic profession. Those who read the literature on a regular basis are aware that there has been a great deal of research done on areas relative to the subluxation, Dr. Gatterman has compiled that information into one easily read, well-conceived text. She has also assembled an impressive list of contributors. Anyone who reads chiropractic literature regularly will recognize these contributors.

The book is divided into three parts: "Subluxation: the Articular Lesion"; "Subluxation Complex"; and "Subluxation Syndromes." I was most impressed by the quality of the charts and illustrations. The book makes generous use of color, which facilitates understanding. For example, there is a picture of several lumbar segments. Superimposed on the IVF is a color diagram of the contents of the IVF. There are a series of figures showing spinal pathways done by Dino Juarez of National College that are excellent. The book is also very well referenced. The chapters are well organized with key words and a series of questions the reader should be able to answer after reading the chapter.

Chapter three concerns basic scientific evidence for the chiropractic subluxation. This chapter summarizes many of the published studies, 18 in all, which address components of the subluxation. The summaries list the title, authors, journal, and discuss the methods and results. If you don't believe our profession has done research, you must read this chapter. Other aspects of the chiropractic approach to finding subluxations, such as palpation, are also discussed in detail.

Chapters six and seven outline the concepts of the adjusting techniques, both osseous and reflex, used by the chiropractic profession. In chapter six, Kevin Bartol has a very good discussion on adjustment, manipulation and mobilization. In chapter seven, Tom Bergmann discusses the various reflex-type techniques and the relationship between musculoskeletal dysfunction and visceral disease.

In part two, there is discussion of the vertebral subluxation complex and its evolution. The various components of the subluxation complex are broken out and discussed in detail. There are chapters dedicated to the neurophysiologic theories, the anatomic relationships to the autonomic nervous system and a review of the systemic effects of spinal manipulation, all very well referenced.

Part three includes the various subluxation syndromes: cervicogenic headache; cervicogenic sympathetic syndromes; thoracic outlet syndrome; facet subluxation syndromes; intervertebral disc syndromes; sacroiliac syndromes, and others. These chapters include many charts of symptoms/signs, and research studies related to the topic in question. It provides the reader with a comprehensive look at the subject. The use of charts, diagrams and photographs keeps the reader from getting "boggged down" in the material.

My overall impression of this book is very favorable. This is a book that is as valuable to the practitioner as it is to the student. I hope to see future books in the Foundations of Chiropractic series, this one is a great start.

Dr. Stephen Savoie's Rating: 10 out of 10

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Dynamic Chiropractic
May 6, 1996, Volume 14, Issue 10

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